Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Is Jessie Steele Really Bringing "Happy Home?" - A Review

(I was given the apron and cocktail napkins in exchange for my honest review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review and all opinions are my own.)

Well, the holidays are here. And with that in mind, I wanted to share with you a fun company with some pretty beautiful products. Introducing . . . .

The Jessie Steele company is looking
to raise awareness for the nostalgia
that holiday meals bring to family lives.

They proudly grow their company guided by
The values that their company was founded on:

The company sells aprons (including salon aprons and aprons for men), oven mitts, towels and other kitchen textiles, bags that range from tote bags to cosmetic bags, and accessories like headbands and shower caps. You can even shop by print, if you are looking to match colors or themes like cherries, nautical or vintage prints. As a side note, the clearance items are very economical. The aprons range in price from $11.99 (a clearance price) to 39.99. The cocktail napkins range from $5.99 (a clearance price) to $14.99.

I was happy to agree to participate in their offer to try out two of their products: cocktail napkins and a gorgeous little apron. This is The Affectionate One modeling the Cream and Black Polka Dot Josephine Apron. It retails at $30.99. She is just under five foot, so it's a little long. But it's still cute on her. I guess the ruffle is actually supposed to fit up higher upon the hips. Which would nicely accentuate nearly any figure.

You may notice the adorable bow, in the above photo, and the monogram on the pocket there in the picture on the left. It's so fun that Jessie Steele thinks of these touches. The bow even detaches by a small safety pin inside the pocket for when it comes time to wash the apron.

 I did find some things that made an unfortunate impression, however. There are a couple places where the stitching is sloppy (where the neck straps are sewn to the top of the apron) and the other of those places the stitching of the hem actually pulls the material above it into the hem.

I also wished pieces of the ruffled bottom, a sophosticated scalloped cut, had been more carefully planned as to meet the polka dots on the other pieces. It is a small detail, but for the price of these aprons, it would be worth the few extra minutes and material it would take. Here are a couple of photos to show what I mean. Perhaps there was a conscious decision to not match up the polka dots in an effort to add to the ruffled look. I am certainly willing to believe that to be the case.

In spite of these details, I loved the apron so much that I intend to give it as a gift, but in order to give a proper review, I needed to wash it to see how it came out. Wash it I did. And it came out just as one would expect from a 100% cotton garment. I did not catch my son before he threw it into the dryer with the other clothes in the load. It's supposed to be lined dried. Either way, it would need to be ironed. I know that because I did wash and line dry the cocktail napkins and they came out just as wrinkled as the apron when it came out of the apron. I personally am not in the habit of ironing aprons and napkins. Okay, let's be honest. I'm not into ironing -- At All. Just keeping it real.

Allow me to show you the photos I took of the cocktail napkins before and after washing and line drying.

Completely adorable, right? I love the colors. The gold dots do tend to stick together when taken out of the package, but I didn't mind that one bit. Once they were washed, this didn't happen again. Even the band around the napkins is cute with a flower and scalloped edges.

The stitching on the napkins were of the same quality on each corner of each napkin as the stitches on the apron. I am assuming it is difficult to hem corners since all four corners of all four napkins had the same look.

I still intend to give the apron as a gift. But the cocktail napkins, I just cannot part with. I love them too much. I know 'tis better to give than receive, especially in this season, but I am definitely keeping the napkins and proudly giving the apron -- right after I iron it, of course. ;)

Give yourself a treat and check out their site. The patterns of the material are beautiful. My favorite is the Watermelon Stripe Viola Apron. But the apron I was sent, is a very, very close second.

Counting it all joy,

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