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The Real Skinny on Skinny&Co -- a reveiw you don't wanna miss.

(Once again, I received Skinny&Co products to review. Thanks Skinny&Co! All opinions are my own.)

Here it is, dear reader, the long awaited Skinny&Co review that I teased you with at the beginning of the month. As soon as I was certain I would be able to participate in the campaign, I gave you a photo teaser and revealed that I would be posting a review. I was excited enough, that I didn't even wait to get the products in the mail before I started talking about it.

Then came the unboxing. I loved diving into the box -- was like Christmas! I decided that I would give the products a couple of weeks of testing before I wrote up my thoughts.

And then life happened.

I injured my back and sciatic nerve and was laid up for nearly a week and a half. Hurumph! How dare life throw me a curve and thwart my plans for sharing these products with you! Well, I am up and at 'em once again, though considerably slower now as I recover. This, however, did not keep me from using the products and thinking about the review.

Well, wait no longer. It's time.

I will give you the upshot right away: I have mixed feelings about this particular collection of products: some I love and some I really, really do not love. This took me completely by surprise. At the unboxing, I was ready to fall in love with each of the five products.

There are many great things about Skinny&Co. Here are a few:

Skinny & Co. coconut oil and coconut oil products are 100% natural:

● Cold Processed: cold-processed oil, not just cold pressed. They use a patent-pending Nutralock System and never heat the oil above 97 degrees. It's the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil on the planet. Other coconut oils are acidic, but Skinny & Co.’s alkaline oil registers between 7.3 and 7.8 pH.

● Five Ingredients or Fewer: all of their beauty products have five ingredients or less, are non-toxic and edible. *Why would you ever put something on your skin if you wouldn't put it in your body?

● 100% Raw, Alkaline: cold-processed from wild-harvested coconuts using a patent-pending Nutralock System. Never heated. Pure.

● From Tree to Table: no chemicals. No fillers. No Preservatives. Skinny coconuts are pesticide free and handpicked from the jungles of Vietnam.

● Health Benefits: Skinny only uses the highest quality ingredients to handcraft products that benefit your entire body. Non-toxic and edible.

Edible! That's how you know you are getting a great product. Would you eat your shampoo? Not a chance. Would you take a bite out of the bar of soap sitting on your shower shelf? Uh,uh. Not me. Not even close. But you can with Skinny&Co products.

Let's go through each product, one-by-one. Here is a reminder of what they looked like:

The straight coconut oil (top, left) is great. Tastes like pure, unadulterated coconut oil because it is. It does not have that smoky, nutty smell or taste that we have been snookered into thinking is pure coconut oil. It smells a little sweet to me. Dont' like the taste or smell of coconut oil? Don't worry, the smell and taste is light -- a teaspoon of this to fry a mess of veggies and you will never know it's there. It doesn't taste like you've shoved a stick of butter in your mouth, like other coconut oils I have tried. Don't get me wrong, I like my butter, but I don't eat it by itself. With Skinny&Co you can. And I have. If I could only buy one product from Skinny&Co, this would be in the running.

The Skinny &Co oil pulling oil is my least favorite. It is pictured bottom, far right n the photo above. I was the most disappointed with this product because I thought I would be the most delighted with this product at the unboxing. I love peppermint and the oil pulling product has peppermint oil infused. Smells good, but after I pulled with it, it left a funny, sharp after taste. I have oil pulled for nearly two years and can go 15 or 20 minutes. After 15 min of oil pulling, I wasn't sure I wanted to try it a second time. But I did and I only pulled for 5 minutes. Same, funky after taste. It is in fact, in the trash can as I write. I have chosen instead to pull with Skinny&Co straight coconut oil since and like that experience much, much better.

Whirling Dervish doing Mom a solid by posing with the Facial Oil.

The facial oil feels great as you smooth it on. It doesn't take long to absorb into the skin and I didn't have to wait to finish my regular make-up routine. I can even overlook the lavender smell. I detest lavender. I run from it. It makes me light-headed. But the facial oil absorbs quickly enough that the lavender smell doesn't last long. I have used it every day since. I love the way my face feels after I smooth it on. It's way better than any store bought moisturizer I have used. That is saying quite a bit since I tend to have the dry skin that comes with middle age. I also have parts of my face that are oily like a teenager's face. When I use Skinny&Co's facial oil, my skin feels like the dry spots and the oily spots have balanced out. Nice.

Next on the list is the sugar scrub (bottom, middle in the first photo). Smells good enough to eat. And I did, in fact, taste it. Tastes like gritty brown sugar. That may sound unpleasant, but it's not. Since I am not a fan of sugar scrubs in general, I would rather eat it than use it on my body. I just have never had much luck with any sugar scrubs feeling like they did much of anything. It feels like it would exfoliate well, but I couldn't truly feel a difference in my skin after using it. My shower smelled heavenly. Trying to clean my shower after using it, not so much. Perhaps, for those who find sugar scrubs worth using, the cleaning up afterward is not a big deal.

And now we come to the Body Butter.

The Affectionate One showing off the Body Butter.

You can see in the photo that after two weeks of showers, only half of the 2oz jar is gone. That is really saying something because I use the Body Butter liberally. Lavishly, even.  I love it, love it, love it.

The feel of the Butter is closer to a lotion than an oil because it's a whipped formula. Once smoothed on, it feels like you have used a cream, that is how soft it makes the skin feel. My knees and elbows have never felt better. It has a light, almond scent as you open the jar, which is fine, but I didn't notice that my skin smelled like the almond oil -- which is perfectly fine also. I'd rather have it that way personally.

My favorite of all five? It might be a toss up between the Body Butter and the straight Coconut Oil. The practical side of me would choose the Coconut Oil because it is the most versatile and I can use it as a body butter. But the part of me that wants to be pampered would choose the Body Butter in a heart beat. There is no getting around how luxurious it feels and how soft my skin is afterward. And I would definitely use it on my face also. Since I have found other coconut oils that I like to use in cooking and oil pulling, I think I would choose the Body Butter if I could only choose one. But who says we only have to choose one?! That's just crazy talk!

Want to know more about Skinny&Co? You can read about how they process their coconut oil, their philosophy, and other interesting FAQs by clicking here.

Thank you, Skinny&Co for allowing me to review your products. Look for my order in the near future. ;)

Counting it all joy,

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