Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Up Coming "God's Not Dead 2" - And Why My Family Will Be Seeing It

One thing that has been on my mind lately is religious freedom. In fact, I have been trying to prepare my children for the time that expressing themselves and worshiping the One, True God will not be tolerated. There may even be a time where they are censored for their beliefs.

Heaven forbid, I can easily see a future where Christians will be mercilessly persecuted and killed.  We have evidence in the news of that very thing happening already.  You may believe that it's not happening here in the US, but it is.  It's just not being reported as such. For some reason, the media is loathe to attribute the atrocities perpetrated on Christians to whom it is due.  Actually, I know the reasons and I think you, dear reader, are smart enough to figure it out too.

At any rate, I am always encouraged by God's Word, our church family and others who are willing to take a bold stand for Christ.  And that's why I am looking forward to the upcoming movie "GOD'S NOT DEAD 2."  We all enjoyed the first movie "God's Not Dead" and I have no doubt the sequel will live up to the first.

From Grace Hill Media:

"God’s Not Dead 2 is about taking a stand. It’s about courage and faith. And it will ask each and every one of us to reflect – would we have the strength to fight for our right to share and express our beliefs no matter the cost? God’s Not Dead 2 is the sequel to the highest-grossing independent faith film of 2014. The film stars Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe, Sadie Robertson and veteran actors Ray Wise, Jon Lindstrom, and Ernie Hudson. The movie also includes special guest star Pat Boone and cameo performances from The Newsboys and Gov. Mike Huckabee."

Perhaps seeing this film will bolster someone's faith.  Perhaps it will spur some on to investigate their need for a Savior.  Perhaps it will encourage those who have already been mocked and shunned for their faith.  Sure, it's a lot to ask from a film.  It certainly is way too much to ask from any, ordinary Hollywood movie.  But it's not too much to expect from Pure Flix entertainment.

Here's a featurette where the all-star cast talks about how it is important to have courage, strength and standing up for what you believe in. Enjoy!


Counting it all joy,

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