Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Pal Once Again: PayPal

I have had several new-ish comments on my eHarm/PayPal experience post (and it's follow up post) and wanted to give an update.

eHarm is still dead to me. No satisfactory resolution. No letter of explanation. Not even an email saying they looked at my complaint, let alone tried to come up with a resolution. My business is not important and I am of no consequence to them. Fine.

I have, however, resumed my business relationship with PayPal. 
It was too difficult to perform the transactions I wanted without PayPal as I do not trust other similar businesses.  I gave them a kind of probationary period to prove themselves before fully resuming the relationship.

Once bitten, twice shy and all that.

I have encountered no problems at all with PayPal and gladly, give them a resounding endorsement once again. Of course, I have to qualify that by saying that neither have I had any problems with any transactions with other online companies that I have paid through PayPal either.  So, I have not had to stop any payments, like discussed in my eHarm/PayPal nightmare post. I don't anticipate any problems with PayPal in the future.

Hurrah for PayPal once again!  I love being able to handle transactions online without having my banking/debit card information all over the internet.  In fact, I rarely do online business with any site that does not have PayPal.

I have found my PayPal joy once again! 

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