Monday, March 12, 2012

Mish-Mash Monday

Seems like the only thing I can keep up with -- as far as blogging goes -- is Mish-Mash Monday. Maybe because it is often packaged all nice and tidy (I use the word "tidy" VERY loosely) in list form.  Or semi-list form.   

Work with me here, people!


I love me a good list.

♥ you get to use cute bullet points -- like hearts!
♥ you don't have to use punctuation if you don't wanna
♥  don't even have to make full sentences if you are feeling lazy time conscious


I have officially quit The Biggest Loser.  At least for this season.  I have moments where temptation tries to overtake me and I want to give in and peek online to see what I may have missed.  But I know I will be disappointed if I do. 

I believe by not watching, I have managed to not gain two or twelve pounds. Always a good thing.  The not gaining weight thing.


I started a new job!  It's retail, but it pays.  Don't know why I feel like, when I tell people I work at the mall, I should provide an explanation.  But I do.  Maybe because working retail is one of my all-time least favorite things to do. 

With the exception of cleaning toilets.  Now, if I had to clean toilets at the mall . . . then I think I would've died and NOT gone to Heaven.  If you catch my drift.

Having said that (and sounded like a total snob -- please forgive me), I am appreciative of those who DO clean toilets at the mall.  

Or anywhere for that matter.  

Due do the exceptionally small bladder God placed in one of my chickadees (who shall remain nameless), I have visited more than my share of public restrooms -- sometimes more than once in the same visit.  God help me.

At any rate . . . the mall . . . oh yes, there I was . . .

I work at a cute novelty kind of store that sells all things Texas.  Imagine, a gal from Ohio working at a store where everything has "Texas" blazoned across it. 

The irony, it kills me.

At least once every time I work, someone comes in and smirkily asks if we have anything with TEXAS written on it.  Oh, the laughs just keep rolling in when you work retail.  Everyone's a comedian.



Is "smirkily" a word?  My laptop puts a red squiggly mark under it, so probably not, but it has the word kil(l) in it and seems so fitting when referring to above mentioned comedians at the mall.

I'm just sayin'.   


Let's see what's on Jubilee's cluttered kitchen table today . . .

► Star Wars Lego guys
►  green plastic army men
► yellow tissue box
► yellow plastic cup

I think my boys have taken over my table top!  At least they cleared the other clutter before they commandeered our only eating surface.

Counting it all joy,

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