Thursday, March 1, 2012

Operation Write Home - cards for the sending

Recently I shared my new fun pet project. Well, it's not my deal, I'm just participating in it. Operation Write Home.  I also promised that I would post pictures of some of the cards I've made and intend to send.

Today, I am delivering on that promise.  Hope you enjoy them.

My favorite is the first card, but the hello card with the metal star clip is a close second.  I made several of each card knowing that the gals who sort and send the cards do a great job of making sure that no duplicates are sent to the same base.  This allows card makers to quickly make cards, but still maintain quality.

Love that.  I will be sending out my shipment later in the week.  Would you pray with me that these cards are a blessing to the military personnel who send them and those family and friends that receive them?

Thanks so much!

Counting it all joy.


  1. This is such a neat idea and the cards look great! You are so talented!!! Way to go!


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