Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So much of me goes into you.
I am privileged in what I get do . . .

This mothering.

I know, at this time, you need so much of me.
The bouts of crying, temper tantrums and defiance.
The snuggles and kisses. 
Arms that stretch long and wide.

Being seven must be hard.
A trying time.
First grade woes are big ones in your world.

In our little Jubilant world.

I cover you with prayer. 
Again and again.

And I am not ashamed to admit, I cover myself in prayer
so that I can nurture you better.
Protect you better.
Let you make mistakes
Be silly and funny and entertaining.
To learn.
To be free.

To let you grow.
 In grace and in wisdom.

You see -- being a mommy is hard too.
A trying time.
A rewarding time.
A frustrating time.
A blessed time in our little Jubilant world.

And I wouldn't want to share it with any other seven year old but you.

Counting it all mothering joy,

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