Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Tale of Christmas Trees Past

Okay, okay . . . I know that Christmas was a long time ago . . . but I also know that my dear readers will not mind if I post a Christmas related post. It's still timely because some of us you are just now taking down our your Christmas trees.

{I once helped a friend take down her roommate's tree in March. Her roommate wrapped lights (six or seven times) around every other branch on each tree limb. I wish I were kidding. It took three hours to take the tree down.

I soon loathed the very mention of that roommate's name. Then I got to know her and The Calm One and I ended up being in her wedding. Funny how life works . . .}

At any rate. I am swiping taking a cue from Holly from June Cleaver Nirvana and posting the evolution of our usually artificial Christmas trees over the years. Enjoy!

The Tale of the Tree
Oh, how newlywed wife loved decorating the tree when she and The Calm One were first married.  Coordinating bulbs and decorations, white lights.  It was a joy.  They even put up the tree TOGETHER.

 After nearly four years of marriage, mommy began birthing chickadees.  And they soon embarked on the toddler phase of decorating the tree.  Notice how very few decorations are at the bottom of the tree?

Then came the "Mommy, I help?" phase.  How can a mommy say "no" to such emphatic pleadings from her very own offspring?  The tree suffered a bit of humiliation, however.  Mommy smiled and smiled.  Daddy smiled and smiled.  Even though both of them dearly wanted to do some rearranging for aesthetic purposes.

Enter the kittens.  The kittens wanted to help too.  Their kind of help drove mommy and daddy nutty.  It made the chickadees laugh and laugh.  More humiliation for the poor, poor Christmas tree . . .

Soon the chickadees grew and argued over the colored bulbs and where they should go.  From his place on the recliner, Daddy suggested throwing everything at the tree and see where they landed and be done with it.  Mommy considered his option with interest and then agreed.  The youngest insisted on hanging the star at "the top" of the tree.  Even the tree breathed happily.
If mommy would have allowed, this is how the tree would have looked this past Christmas.  Though there was great eagerness in the Jubilant land at first,  no one was interested in finishing the tree.

Only mommy wonders how the tree will look next year.  Everyone else is too busy playing Lego Star Wars III to care.

The End

Counting it all joy,

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