Thursday, December 15, 2011

Special Guest Post -- Children's Birthday Parties

Dear Readers, if you have small children and are in need of party ideas, then this post is for you! We have a special guest post today.

Thank you to Melissa from Blog Content Guild.

Here's Melissa!


Cake and Party Ideas for Young Children

Planning a party for a very young child can be a challenge as they may be too young to be able to tell you exactly what they want, but you still want to please them. Try to get as much input about the party from the child as possible, as it is their party after all. This should be your starting point. If your child just has no idea what they want, here are some tips to help you come up with a great party.

For theme ideas, a good starting place is to turn to popular culture. Is there a very popular children’s movie or TV show currently? If you’re completely lost this can be a great place to turn for help. Also, video games are often popular with children, and you could even have a Mario themed party with super mario bros party supplies.

For girls, consider having a tea party complete with fancy hats, finger sandwiches and little pastries. The girls will have a blast! Of course you could also have a princess themed party, what little girl doesn’t want to be a princess?

For boys, you could have a dinosaur themed party, complete with little plastic dinosaurs as party favors. Sports themed parties are also a good choice, if your child is interested in them.

A very simple tip, good no matter what the theme, would be to decorate the party area in fun, bright colors. This will create a great environment for the party, and everyone loves fun colors. Balloons are also good to have too, as small children respond well to visual elements.

For the cake, instead of baking a traditional one yourself or ordering one from a bakery, try something different. Consider having a cookie cake or cupcakes. Cupcakes make it easier to have both chocolate and vanilla, and if the child is very young they won’t remember what the cake looks like anyways. They are much less hassle and are a lot of fun.

If your child doesn’t like cake, is just contrary or you want to try something different, consider having an ice cream sundae bar. You can have different ice cream flavors, and all kinds of sprinkles, cherries, sauces and crumbled up candy bars for toppings. It’s something that the kids can create themselves and will lead to a memorable party.


Thanks again, Melissa!

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