Sunday, December 4, 2011

Prayers for Today by Kurt Bjorklund - A Review by jubilee

Not long after my review of John McArthur's At The Throne of Grace, I was given the opportunity to review Prayers for Today by Kurt Bjorklund.  It too is published by Moody Publishers.  Thank you, Stephanie Smith for sending me a review copy.

My Take:

The book is unique in that it moves the believer past the laundry list kind of praying that many of us fall into.  You know the ones, "God please do such-and-so for me, take care of my family, help us to make next month's mortgage payment . . ."  Those kinds of prayers are not insignificant to God, don't misunderstand.  But there is more to a relationship with God than hanging laundry everyday.

There are ten themes of prayers that this book explores, such as, Prayers of Thanksgiving, Prayers of Confession, Prayers for Renewal, and for a Christlike Character.  The one theme that I kept going back to was Prayers of Intercession.  I want to know how to pray better for those around me, family, friends, FB friends that have unspoken requests, and the world in general.  I flounder a bit in this area.  This book helped me with that.  And the fact that I can go back to those prayers time and time again is beyond helpful.

Before each prayer, there are several scripture, poems and other thoughts that have been expressed by recognizable people, Jim Elliott, C.S. Lewis, Thomas More -- and some others I had no idea who they were, but it didn't matter.  All that mattered is that there have been other people who have struggled and prayed for the same things I pray about.  It's kinda like a kindred spirit kind of thing.

The prayers themselves are a guide.  There is a kind of outline, but it allows the believer to add in the specifics.  And this I love.  Instead of a rote prayer, I was able to be thoughtful which always makes for a more meaningful prayer.

If you don't want to be stretched in your prayer life, then this book is not for you.  If you don't care about growing your relationship with our Creator, then don't pick up this book.  But if those two things are important to you, then this book is a great addition to your devotional library.

What books have you found helpful in your prayer life?

Counting it all joy,


  1. Anonymous2/20/2012

    Does the connection with the dubious practice of "Contemplative Prayer" or the numerous heretical theologians quoted in the book concern you?

  2. I was not aware of heretical theologians quoted in this book. I picked and chose the topics I wanted to explore and did not come across any that I recognized as heretical.

    That is not to say that there weren't any. I did not read the entire book. We, as reviewers, were asked to pick out several and base our reviews on those.

    If there are questionable personages quoted in the book, it would bother me if that quote contradicted God's Word. I would not knowingly endorse a book that contained heretical material.

    As far as contemplative prayer being a dubious practice, I must only conclude that you and I have different definitions of what that means. To me, it means to meditate on what has been written and searching out how it lines up with God's Word.

    Thank you for commenting and being willing to discuss the issues. I welcome any other input that you wish to share.


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