Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Am An Expert.

I am an expert. That's right, hear me roar.

I cannot say that I am an expert at many things, but, dear reader when it comes time to take my God vitamin, I got it down pat.

A "God vitamin?" you may ask.  Yep.  As in "Here, take your vitamin and you can forget all about it until it comes time to take it again tomorrow.

We can say it together, OUCH.

Too often I treat my devotional time with God as a pill to take and then forget.  A get out of jail free card.  Fire insurance.

Please tell me I'm not the only one.

On many days, it is easy to do what John Acuff (from Stuff Christians Like) refers to as wedging God in between the "regular" parts of my day.   I am working on it though.  Especially since trying to teach my children about having a Godly worldview.  Actions do speak louder than words, after all.

I want them to filter everything they say and do through what they know to be true about God.  To have faith first of all and then put their faith into practice.  I do believe it's important to live out our lives in a Godly manner.

Not that we are gods.  Not even close.  But that we are trying to live out a life showing His love to others.  To be helpers to those in need.  To give of ourselves as if it's second nature.  Or to be all churchy:  be His hands.

To not be so doggone selfish!

It's a process that I know I will never perfect.  But it's worthy to strive for anyway.  I do know that I can improve.  I can make strides by leaps and bounds.

How do you ward off making your relationship with God just another "vitamin" to take?

Counting it all life-giving joy,

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