Friday, December 16, 2011

Finding Your Hidden Messages on That Darn FaceBook

I recently found out about how FB may be inadvertently (we'll give them the benefit of the doubt) hiding messages from us.  Tsk, tsk, the nerve.

I thought it was important enough to share the information I learned with you, my dear readers.

Still with me? Great!

But these will only show you messages from the people you have already friended.  What if an old acquaintance who you haven't friended on FB is trying to send you a message?   High School Reunion, anyone?  

Maybe a friend has reposted that you are trying to sell your children dining room table and one of their friends is trying to get in touch with you so they can buy them it.  You may not get that message since they aren't your friend.

What if you have a FB page dedicated to your blog or website (aka Brand Page) and someone wants to get in touch with you about a business opportunity?  Or wants to buy a product from you?  Wondering why responses to your Events are down?  

So glad you asked! Go on over to the left side of your Home page and click your Messages tab.

Most brand page events go into The Others folder.  I have heard of people missing out on hundreds of messages (who are those people anyway?) that were filed away in the elusive Others category.  

Sneaky FB!

So, want to remedy that and be sure you are getting the messages you want?  Me too!  Here's what you can do:

When you click on the Home tab on the top right hand side of your FB page you will see something like this:

Up pops this screen:

You will want to un-check the box so that you can get individual notification emails of each message.

Now you can set your notifications however you want.

Scroll down the page until you see the Notifications section. You can click on each of the headings (Facebook – where you’ll find your Message notifications – is shown here) and set up the type of emails you want to receive

I do believe that is pretty much it.  It's enough, though, isn't it?  It seems that in FB's many endeavors to make their site trickier easier to navigate and manage,  we too often get left in the dark and end up feeling well, taken advantage of aggravated.

And I have enough aggravations in my life, don't you?  That's what I figured.

Of course, on the opposite side of things, the next time you assume someone is ignoring you, one of two things is most certainly true:

Option 1: They are indeed ignoring your messages.


Option 2: They’re victim to Facebook’s definition of “important” and really have no idea that you messaged

In either case, I hope this information helps you.  Spread the word, dear reader.  Your friends will thank you for it.

So, go ahead manage your FB settings once again and come back here to leave me a comment on how many hidden messages you found due to FB efforts to redefine "important."  When you do, I will enter you in my current novel giveaway which you can find more details about by clicking here.

Counting it all clickety click joy,


  1. I didn't have any new messages. Guess my popularity it limited to the 4-legged children. :)

    Thanks for letting us all know this!

  2. I didn't have any hidden messages either, but it's good to know, yes?!


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