Friday, November 18, 2011

Making a Case for Just In Case

I don't quite identify with Chicken Little, but believing that end times are near, I am concerned with being prepared.  Spiritually as well and physically.

I am completely prepared spiritually, but physically, well . . .

Five years ago I bought backpacks full of survival items. I was still quite concerned that another 911 might happen and I wanted to be prepared.  And living in Ohio nearly my whole life, I knew weather could change in an instant.  Both of those factors influenced my decision to purchase the survival backpacks.  Well, many of those survival items have a shelf life of 5 years - the water, the protein bars, etc. Many of the items like those funky silver blankets and face masks will last forever -- theoretically of course.

Our house flooded and we lost many of the non-perishables. Items that I never got around to replacing through the (internet) survival site that I originally bought them from. When I was at our local GET-EVERYTHING-AT-ONE-STOP store, I noticed that many of the items from the survival backpack were in the camping section.  The nice thing about the internet site was that the food items were packaged to last and be relatively lightweight on their own.  So, I still may purchase items a la cart from the internet site.  Assuming that I can find it again . . . *sigh*

At the time, I thought the backpacks were a great idea in case we had to do any traveling, especially on foot. When I dream up a disaster, I dream big.  I'm just sayin'

I still think it's a good idea, but the packs ended up being quite heavy and I have kids that are 10 and younger. None of them would have been able to carry either of the two heavy packs if either my husband or I were MIA.

Plus, the whole flooding thing can still be an issue . . . So this time, I think I will do the lidded plastic box but with backpacks inside so that they stay safe and dry and IF we need to travel, we can.  And each of us will have a pack that is good for our size/age and each pack can have a blanket, flashlight, food, etc.  Should we get separated for any reason, no one will be without what they need.

While surfing tonight, I found a list of the 77 items that get cleared out of the stores the quickest should a disaster be on the horizon. Thanks Jamie! Many of these items will be in our box should a need arise.  Some of them cannot, of course, but it's good to be aware of what goes quickly and prepare accordingly.

2. batteries
3. flashlights
4. ice
5. candles
6. matches
7. toilet paper
8. paper plates & paper towels
9. heavy duty aluminum foil
10. water filters
11. flour
12. sugar
13. milk
14. powdered milk
15. Gatorade
16. canned soup
17. soup mixes
18. bouillon cubes
19. hand-held can openers
20. dry cereal
21. diapers
22. wet wipes
23. baby food
24. baby formula
25. feminine products
26. bath soap
27. laundry detergent
28. waterless hand sanitizer
29. disinfectant
30. bleach
31. trash bags
32. re-sealable plastic bags
33. toothpaste
34. toothbrushes
35. shampoo & conditioner
36. shaving equipment
37. lanterns
38. lantern fuel
39. lantern wicks or mantles
40. butane igniter
41. charcoal grills
42. charcoal
43. camp stoves
44. propane for camp stoves
45. pocket knife
46. army knife
47. vitamin supplements
48. antacids
49. antibiotics
50. rubbing alcohol
51. hydrogen peroxide
52. laxative and diarrhea remedies
53. antihistamine
54. epsom salts
55. bandages
56. sterile gauze pads
57. first-aid tape
58. portable toilets
59. 5-gallon plastic buckets
60. gas-driven generators
61. gasoline storage containers
62. duct tape
63. chain-saws
64. cast iron dutch oven
65. cast iron frying pan
66. bug spray
67. mouse traps
68. mouse bait (d-con)
69. thermal underwear
70. insulated coveralls
71. heavy work gloves
72. boots / rain gear
73. band saws
74. axes
75. solar panels
76. hand-crank radios
77. canvas and nylon tarps

Having this list and the box ready in an case of an emergency helps with a bit of piece of mind.  I certainly would rather be prepared and not have to use it than not be ready and wish I was.  Now if I could just find a space big enough to stash the box in our 800sq ft apartment . . .

Counting it all joy,

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