Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Me? Miss Ohio? Are Ya Nuts?

Is it crazy that I live in Texas and I want Ohio weather comfort food and outdoor attire? And long to sip coffee in front of a bonfire? And feel crunchy leaves under my tennis shoes? And take long drives to my in-laws country home oooo-ing and ahhh-ing over all the colorful leaves still on the trees? Sigh . . .

Old habits die hard.

I made chili today. Just like I made it in Ohio. It's 90* and I made chili. I love that it is still 90* here. I love that I can still wear shorts a tank top and flip-flops. Hey, I didn't say it was pretty, I just said I was wearing 'em.

But I miss my chili. And potato soup. And my sweatshirts. I know the weather will get nippy here in Texas eventually. I don't want it to come too soon. But I can't wait on it before I break out all the yummy cool weather recipes.

I can't believe I miss Ohio.

Counting it all comfort food joy,


  1. Oh, I totally get this! I grew up in four seasons and in Southern California we only have about 1.75 of them. I get misty for a season change every fall! I sweat through my cashmere sweaters just to make a point...

    Enjoy that chili!

    :-) anna

  2. Thanks Anna!

    BTW, dear readers, Anna has a great blog. She makes me laugh. Out loud. Honestly. Click on her name above and read her blog!


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