Friday, October 28, 2011

But, They Were So GOURDgeous a Couple of Days Ago!

Whirling Dervish asked me why I liked flowers so much when they just die in a few days.  I told him that the shortness of their life after being picked makes it so much more special.  The fact that their beauty is so fleeting, makes one appreciate the act of receiving them exponentially.

I may have to use this same argument when the chickadees come home today and find that their pumpkins somehow made their way to the trash bin.

The chickadees love carving pumpkins.  You probably don't need proof, but I am going to offer it anyway.  The Affectionate One, besides needing a haircut, decided to pretend that carrying her own pumpkin was almost more than she could handle.  I do believe it was a ploy to get mommy to carry it for her!

 There is a difference between carving pumpkins in Ohio and in Texas.  Not a huge difference, a gourd is just a gourd after all.  The difference is that in Ohio you can carve your masterpiece on Oct 1st and chances are, the chilly, often frosty, weather will allow it to still be recognizable for trick or treating at the end of the month.

Not so much in Texas.  This is how the kids' masterpieces look after only five days.  Notice all the black?  MOLD!

(Whirling Dervish's Pumpkin Puking)

(The Cruise Director decided that after taking out the insides, slits for eyes, nose and mouth were JUST FINE THANKYOUVERYMUCH.  The Affectionate One's haunted castle looks less moldy than the others, but way more wilted . . .)

Now, some may argue that the black mold makes the carvings more scary, and therefore, more appropriate for the holiday.  I just say Ick. Gross!  Get it away from my house!  Ack!

I do feel badly for having to throw away the chickadees' masterpieces, but it must be done.  The insects are gathering.  The smell is heightening to levels almost unbearable.

The lack of longevity makes them appreciate the pumpkins that much more, right?  RIGHT?  Think I can convince the chickadees?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Me either.


Counting it all joy is gonna be a challenge for the Jubilant kids this time.
I'm just sayin'.

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