Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Whirling Dervish Cracks Me Up - Again

Whirling Dervish cracks me up.

Tonight we had snuggle time when he was supposed to be trying to sleep. He was having a hard time with the fact that he had to go to bed early for misbehaving.  It was only 20 min early but to him, it may just as well have been 2 hours early.

Anyway, after he had been in bed for about an hour and still couldn't sleep it occurred to me that because he had gone to bed early, our routine got off track and I hadn't prayed with him.  Our prayer time turned into snuggle time.

Snuggle time that proved to be quite entertaining.  You can learn a lot by snuggling with your seven year old son.

This is what I learned (and in this order, no less):

1. When I prayed with him, he snuggled real close and I whispered the prayer near his ear,  I was told in no uncertain terms that I had stinky breath.  Yeah, thank you for that, son.  Your honesty is so -- so -- refreshing.

2. When you mistakenly reply that God must not have felt that ants needed complex eyes (in answer to his question as to why God gave ants simple eyes), you learn that the correct term is "compound eyes -- not complex eyes, mom."  Add a pinch of "duh" to round out the attitude nicely.

And he's only seven.  Yay.

3.  When God (Jesus) was just a baby, did He already know everything or did he have to learn it real quick because he died so young?  I did not have an answer to this, mainly because I didn't know how to explain what I think may be true in terms that he would understand.  But it didn't matter because he quickly went onto #4.  Thank goodness.

4.  There is a big difference between a regular bounty hunter and the Droid IG88 bounty hunter (As in Star Wars, for those of you who are uninformed - a group that I am no longer a part of, it grieves me to say).  It seems there are great complexities involving their helmets.  I'll not bore you with the details -- mostly because my eyes were glazed over during the greater part of the lecture and it affected my ability to listen to technicalities of which I had no interest in anyway.

5.  He "really feels like" he will lose his first tooth on September 20th.  Evidently, he also  has the gift of prophecy.

6. He can give a play-by-play account of every Star Wars-The Clone Wars episode he's ever seen.  Thank goodness that he's only seen seven or eight shows or I'd still be in his room, laying on his bed next to him while he regaled me with the drama of Queen Amadala, Count Dooku, and various other fictional characters in which he has a vested interest.  Apparently.

7.  He knows how to play "no chiz."  And when he hugs Miss Carney (his sister's teacher who is very young and very beautiful) she always tells him she doesn't play "no chiz."  I didn't dare ask him how to play "no chiz,"  mainly because I was afraid he'd tell me.

8.  He has always wondered if grasshoppers have compound eyes or simple eyes.  And don't I think that it would it be unfair for them to have compound eyes when ants only get simple eyes?  To which my answer was an emphatic, YES,  OF COURSE! With a pinch of duh to round things out nicely.

Counting it all seven year old son joy,

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