Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday's Mouthful O'Joy - The It's Too Hot to Heat Up the Kitchen Edition

The other night I had a brilliant idea.   Wait for it . . .

I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner.  After one bite my Whirling Dervish declared me the best mom ever.  Sorry all you other wonderful moms out there - You know who you are, but Whirling dervish has spoken.

But it wasn't just any ol' grilled cheese sandwich. Oh, no. I decided to spice things up a little bit and get creative. Two things sparked this rare moment of food creativity

1. I needed to use up the Texas toast that was acquiring freezer burn.


2. My kids love cheese.

You can probably guess where the creativity part came in . . . Read on anyway, won't you?  Thankyouverymuch.

We are all tired of the spaghetti routine here in the Jubilant household, so I needed to do something other than the pasta thing to go with the wonderfully crispy, delightfully buttery garlic bread taking up freezer space. Space that could be used for even better things like, oh, I don't know BLUE BELL'S Dutch Chocolate ice cream.

I figured that instead of heating the oven for the bread, I could just use the skillet. It's 105* outside. I didn't want a 425* oven inside. Call me crazy.  No, don't really, I am a sensitive soul.

At any rate, I heated up both sides of each piece of texas toast just enough to thaw it. Then I added cheese and turkey. And then grilled it to a golden toasty-ness.   For mine, I like to add green pepper and a slice of tomato also. Evidently, I like a salad on my grilled cheese.  The Calm One and the chickadees do not.  To each his own.

See how simple that is?! And oh, so yummy.  The only down side is that I only had enough bread for each of us to have one.  While that was okay with me and The Affectionate One, the rest of the family could have been even happier with a second. 

Now, because the texas toast has butter on both sides of each piece of bread, the cheese has a hard time adhering all the insides of the sandwich properly.  And I sure wasn't about to scrape any of that lovely butter off of the bread. 

My solution?

Don't have one as I don't care one bit that my newest tummy tickler didn't adhere properly! Can't sweat and melt all over the small stuff.

I'm just sayin'.

How do you spice up an old favorite recipe?

Counting it all garlic and buttery joy,

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    Thanks for the follow! Following back...jealous that you live in Texas :)


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