Monday, June 27, 2011

Someone Please Tell Me What Exactly Is Going On Here?!

I will never again complain about the Ohio heat. Well, okay "never" is a strong word, but just go with it, m'kay?

You are probably wondering why I would make such a statement and if you are still reading, you are expecting an answer.  Of some sort.

Well, today was not one of the hottest days on record or anything, but I sure did work up a sweat -- what with all the housework and kid corralling that had to be done.

"No, I said put your socks in your drawer, not your sister in your drawer . . ."  Oh, the things you never thought you'd have to say to your kids, but do.

So, the chores ended for the evening, and I was "glistening" like the proverbial pig (just humor me).  All I could think about was how tired and sticky I was.  I showered and got ready for bed while the chickadees watched one last episode of iCarly.  Because no day is complete without watching 22 minutes of sarcastic teens and their older brother who has turned falling up the stairs an art from. 

Seriously . . .

I slipped into bed hoping The Calm One would get the bedtime routine taken care of and something startling happened.  Yes, he DID take care of the bedtime routine, but something more startling than that:  all of a sudden,

I was freezing.

Even though the evil temperature gauge said 80 degrees outside.  I was so cold that I threw on sweat pants and a hoodie, turned off the air conditioning (which has been my saving grace for weeks now) and made some hot green tea.  An hour later, the tea is gone and I am just about the right temperature.  Almost.

I just know that as soon as I go back to bed, I'll be changing pj's again.  What the heck is all this back and forth body temperature stuff?

Please, please, please don't anyone tell me it's menopause.  I can't move to Texas at the hottest part of the year, leave family and church behind AND go through menopause all at the same time.

Cruel and Unusual just took on a whole new meaning . . .

Counting it all-temperature joy,

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  1. I think it could be all the stress and your hormones are freaking out before your brain puts 2 and 2 together.


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