Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Move in the Making

So, yeah, we're thinking a move to Texas is in our near future.

The Calm One works for our state and his job is being dramatically transformed.  Unfortunately, not in a good way.  We cannot live on the small pay that they are offering, so changes have to be made in our family life as a result. It's a long story with lots of details, but that's the upshot of the deal.

It will be our eleventh move in our thirteen year marriage. You'd think we'd be experts in the intricacies of moving by now, but each time it gets more and more difficult. I have become a purger as opposed to the pack rat I used to be - a bit of joy there!

The two youngest chickadees were excited at the thought of moving at first.  Our oldest, not so much.  Now all three are adamantly opposed to the move and threaten us daily with moving to Nanny and Papaw's house.

The Affectionate One even declared (on a particularly dramatic day), "I'd rather move to South America than Texas!"   I am not sure what she knows about South America, other than I have a dear friend who is a missionary in Brazil.  This missionary friend once brought her a particularly lovely doll.  Perhaps THAT is the attraction!

At any rate, The Calm One and I are excited about the move and feel that God is in it.  We are open to miracles, of any sort - especially if it means staying closer to family.  But the pull of the warm South, and better job opportunities are very strong.

Why Texas?  The Calm One grew up in Texas, has family there and the economy is growing instead of waning as it is here in Orange Cone County Ohio.  And did I mention it is warm?!  We just had about three inches of snow here last night and I am so over this winter weather!  Ohio winters seem to get longer and longer while the summers seem to grow shorter and shorter.

Blech.  And again, I say, Blech.

That's the update on the Jubilant household.  Now it's time for me to catch up on your blogs to see what YOU'VE been up to!

Counting it all warm fuzzy joy,

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  1. We're looking at a major relocate as well and we're all excited about it. Just would really like more details but having to trust God that when it's time to know, we'll know.


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