Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol - I Just Can't Resist

I may have mentioned that there are more worthwhile tv options than American Idol, but it seems I have fallen into it's clutches once again.  And I just can't help but write a post about last night's Idol.   Besides . . .

All the cool kids are doing it.

I didn't get to see the entirety of last night's performances, but I saw enough to make these observations:

** Naima has got to go.  Honestly, I didn't even recognize the song she sang.  At least, I think there was a song with lyrics in there somewhere.  Between the outfit and the lights and the screaming, I was a bit distracted.  Just sayin'

** It seems that there were many declarations of "That was the performance of the night!"  Pretty soon that is going to be as ho-hum as Simon wearing a too-tight black t-shirt every night of past seasons.

** Hailey has quite a voice, but I don't want her to win.  Sue me.

** Thia is beautiful, has a great voice, but the judges don't want her to win.  They get so knit-picky with her performances.  Grrrr . . .  Really like her myself.

** The dude with all the funky coats and unusual singing voice (can't ever remember his name) is decent, but he's not your typical American Idol.  Can do without him - and sooner rather than later please!

** Jacob is dramatic and that can get old from time to time, but I think he truly does feel deeply and it comes across in his performances.  I still like him - alot.  Let's get him a better stylist, though, shall we?

** Pia should be in the top two.  No doubt.  She's amazing.  She's beautiful.  She picks her moments to shine in each song superbly.  Love her, but still want Casey to win.

And speaking of Casey . . .

** Casey has proved that he can sing something other than jazz. (I am choosing to overlook his Teen Spirit performance BTW because Kurt Cobain, is never my cup o' tea.  Ick.)  And what a moving performance it was last night.  He's still my choice to win.  Now that he's gotten all trimmed up, he is so much more attractive.  A little bohemian facial hair goes a long way.  Just sayin'.

That's my recap.  I'd love to read your recap so link up in the comments.  Or just leave your opinions in the comment section if you don't have an AI post. 

Looking forward to all the commenty joy,

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  1. I'm with you on all of it. Except you left out Scotty. He is so the MAD magazine cartoon dude.
    The guy you can't remember is Paul and I'm not a fan of his voice.


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