Friday, December 3, 2010

"I hold you, Mommy?"

"I hold you, Mommy?"

Whirling Dervish used to ask me this quite a bit when he was little. Pretty much from the time he could talk he would say this phrase and I knew he needed some mommy love.  Two, three, four times a day I would hear him utter that phrase that melted my heart each time.  How can a living, breathing mom refuse such adorableness?  Not me.  And I didn't want to.  We'd read books, sing songs and I'd watch him fall asleep all while having a good cuddle.

He's still a bit of a snuggle bug at age six. But he's long grown out of the cute phrase.

I miss it.  A lot.

Sometimes he pulls away even when I can see in his eyes that he really does want snuggles.  After all, he's a "big" kindergartner now.  * tissue please * And other times the kisses and hugs seem never ending, though those are getting fewer and farther in between.

I knew this would happen.  I sure was warned often enough, "They grow up so quickly.  Enjoy it while you can" was the most repeated catch phrase I have heard for the last nine years - since my oldest was born.  Usually when I was am sleep deprived or frustrated and a well meaning mom tries to make it all better.

I caught myself before saying it to another mother - just this week, in fact.  It was the first time I thought to say it to someone else.  And I felt a moment of panic.  Because it made me feel old.  Isn't it always the older mothers who say things like that?  Ack!

At any rate . . . back to the snuggle bunny . . .

He has a new thing now:  He kisses each of my cheeks, my nose and then my chin.  If he is feeling particularly snuggly and generous, he will ask me to do the same to him.  And I take him up on it, every time.

It's not exactly "I hold you, Mommy?"  but I'll take it.  Especially since it means holding him a few precious moments more.

Counting it all snuggly joy,

(Thank you to Jenny on the Spot for the inspiration for this post where she talks about her snuggle bunny.)

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