Sunday, August 29, 2010

A First of Many Days

It's been a crazy week 'round these here parts. I am sure all of you dear readers that have school aged children can relate.  It's enough to make one want to break out the strawberry ice cream and eat straight from the carton.

Whirling Dervish has started Kindergarten. Huzzah! The elementary school had a staggered start for the kindergarten class, so The Cruise Director and The Affectionate One started school on Tuesday and Whirling Dervish didn't start until Thursday.

Everyone was all excitement personified on Tuesday morning. There was lots of rushing around, finding of toothbrushes (how do they get lost from one day to the next? I still don't know), making of PB&J sandwiches, and last minute shoe tying lessons. And lots and lots of pictures.  Because nothing says I love you like a bunch of blurred pictures of kids making bunny ears behind each others heads.  Which means there's lots o' love in the Jubilant household.

I am not sure Whirling Dervish understood why he couldn't get on the bus that morning, but he courageously waved his brother and sister off. Then he tromped into the house, flopped his skinny little body on the recliner and promptly watched two episodes of Phineas and Ferb while I dozed on the couch. It was quite the forty seven minutes of bonding - let me assure you.

Then Thursday came along. Whirling Dervish woke up, dressed himself and was bouncing down the hallway to the kitchen when I rolled out of bed wiping mascara from my eyes with the bottom of my over-sized t-shirt. Even though the excitement had worn off for my oldest two chickadees, they tried to muster up a little enthusiasm for their little brother. But only after they were strongly encouraged with parental eyebrow raising and jaw clenching.

My first and fourth grade children are already quite jaded. It's so sad. When Whirling Dervish expressed his delight at riding the bus that day, The Cruise Director responded with, "Give it a couple of days." Always the encourager, that one.

I was asked over and over again what I was going to do with all my "free time."

**snort** free time

"I'm gonna clean like crazy. Get all those projects finished that have been half done for the last five years. And maybe a load of laundry or two."

Well, the laundry got done anyway.

The call of a nap and a full DVR was more powerful than I care to admit. I mean all those episodes of Royal Pains and My Fair Wedding aren't going to watch themselves, you know.  And that strawberry ice cream has to be eaten by somebody.
Counting it all joy (especially the strawberry flavored kind),

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