Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fool Me Once, Shame on You

Well, is my face red or what?  I received the following email the other day.  It read, in part:

 I love reading your blog. I check it out all the time hoping for new posts!

I hope you don’t mind --- I’ve been telling all my friends about your blog.

I printed 100 free business cards with my 10 favorite websites (yours was #1!!) and handed them out at our last Mommy Meet-up.

It made me wonder if you had ever done that for yourself? Do you ever meet anyone at a coffeeshop or a playground and start talking about blogging? Maybe you could print up some cards to hand out. Just an idea!

In return for inspiring me, I wanted to pass on these money saving tips to you:
-- 100 Free business cards at

I hope you have a great week. I’ll be checking back soon. Bye!

Of course, I recognized the flattery for what it was.  But I clicked on over and thought it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and design a business card for fun.  And it was, at first.  It took some repeated finagling, but I finally got the card to look the way I wanted it to.  And after investing so much time, I decided to go through the checkout process.   I even considered ordering flyers for an upcoming event I am in charge of at my church.

Silly me.

All through the process my total read $0.00.  Until I got to the shipping portion of the process.  It was nearly $11.00 for shipping.  For 100 cards!  Really?  Are you kidding me?!

I emailed them back:

I thought this was a great deal.  So, I spent quite sometime designing my business cards.  Then, at checkout I see I have to pay nearly eleven dollars for shipping.  For only 100 business cards.  I groaned out loud for falling for your false advertising.  Shame on me for believing in an offer that seemed to good to be true.  If the cards were truly free there would be no shipping costs.  At all.  If the shipping had been more reasonable (like less than two dollars), I may have gone ahead with my order anyway.  But I won't be ordering.

It's obvious they were making an attempt to offset their costs by inflating shipping charges so dramatically.  Unbelievable.  I don't often call out a company or a person here on the ol' blog.  But I got to thinking that since I do have a platform, I'm gonna use it when I feel someone is trying to take advantage of customers.  And this is one such case.

The joy is that we have free speech and I can use my blog the way I see fit.  But I'd rather be bragging about a company that made a great offer and stuck to it.  Ah well.

Counting it all joy,


  1. Isn't that awful! I hate come-ons like that. And good for you for calling them on it.

  2. That's crummy! Who do they really think they're fooling? High Five for writing back to say so.

    Blessings, C~


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