Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I'm up to lately

I am so loving the nice weather! In between all the crummy days, of course. Seems like Ohio can't do a sunny day without book ending it with two rainy days. Ah well. I'll take what I can get.

The Calm One is working his cute little buns off trying to finish up the chicken coop.  I think the chickens are pretty close to being able to lay eggs.  In fact they are starting to make noises like they are trying to.  Pretty soon brown eggs will grace our table and hopefully the tables of a couple of neighbors and friends.

The chickadees and I finished up planting the garden. Luckily we were able purchase several vegetable plants and didn't have to start everything from seeds since we are getting the garden in so late.  The chickadees have pretty much turned their noses up at all the veggies we planted.   What they don't know is that I am hoping to juice them and make smoothies for them to drink without knowing they are downing lots of veggies.

*insert wild cackling here*

We also started a compost pile hoping to use that instead of the Mel's Mix we used this time around.  So far it's quite a stinky process. Ack!  I am so glad that it's far away from the house!  Our garden is a square foot garden.  Essentially, it's container gardening using (4' X 4') square foot plots instead of rows.  I like the idea and am hoping that it works out.  Not just because of all the work that it's taken to get done, but because I like the idea of being more in control of what I feed my family from the ground up.

Hopefully, I'll soon have pictures to share.  Our camera is a bit wonky.  Eating batteries and losing pictures.  Blah.

I am also enjoying the whole process of getting back to basics.  I've cut down on my computer time quite a bit.  I am reading more, getting outside more, playing with the chickadees more and feeling so much better.

*sigh*  I love summer.  Now, where's my hammock . . .

Counting it all joy,

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