Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's been hot as heck here in Rural County Ohio. And humid. And very, very rainy. Just when I think I'll get out and pull weeds, it starts raining.  I don't mind an excuse now and again to not pull weeds, but three weeks worth of rain and the neighbors start looking at you funny and sending you those Aren't-You-Gonna-Take-Care-Of-Those-Hideous-Weeds-Anytime-Soon? ESP kinds of messages.

Oh, excuse me, I was bailing out my basement one bucketful at a time instead.  Again.


Anyway, the chickens still haven't started laying.  Though they have been doing business in the nesting boxes, just not the right kind of business, if you catch my drift.  Lots of scratching at the grass where the grass once was, lots of cackling,and lots of pecking at each other, but no eggs.  At least we are certain by now that they are indeed all female.  Progress!

The dog, our beloved Bear, still hasn't been properly trained - as far as pulling on the leash when we try to walk him (he is house broken, thank goodness).  The Calm One has been mighty slow relaxed calm about getting that job done.  And he's looking at shoulder surgery in a couple of weeks.  Yippeeee!  Just makes it that much easier to declare him an outside dog and not an inside dog.

Let's see . . . the joy . . . the joy . . . I know it's in here somewhere . . . Ah!  Here it is!

The Lord is ever faithful no matter how I am feeling about life (and about Him for that matter). He loves me with an everlasting love that makes the petty things of this world fade away. That just blows my mind. It's well, indescribable.

Counting it all joy,

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  1. It is so hot and dry here. It is terrible. We so need rain.


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