Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST - What they died for

With the LOST finale so close I thought I'd do a little post of my own on the best television series known to man.  If you haven't seen it and plan to, stop reading now.  If you don't plan on watching, shame on you.  LOL Just kidding. Sort of.

**Spoiler Alert**  **Spoiler Alert**

So, here's what we know (or what we think we know):

* The losties sure are looking beat up and defeated.  Sawyer especially looks like a heard of elephants ran over him.  One tragedy after another in such a short amount of time will do that to a body.

* Frank is dead along with Charles W and the hokey Zoey.  Frank lasted a lot longer than I expected him to.  I guess his usefulness as comic relief ran out.  I am a bit disappointed that Widmore was so unceremoniously cut from the storyline.  All that hullabaloo over the Widmore/Linus dispute for seasons on end and it ends just like that?  Seriously disappointed.  Though I suppose it does give Ben the motivation to once again join forces with FLocke.  And anyone else notice that Zoey walks like a man with a serious charlie horse?   Seriously, couldn't the rich Widmore find a more capable and appealing right-hand {wo}man?  She's just icky.

* Sideways Desmond isn't afraid to take things to the extreme to get his point across.  He was getting ready to slam into Wheelchair Locke a second time when waylaid by Dr. Linus.  He also seemed to have an ulterior motive in running over Locke:  he needed an excuse to get into jail so as to help Kate and Sayid escape.  No kidding, this guy seems to think of everything.

* Many of the sideways characters will be at a benefit concert together at Miles' father's museum.  Remember the little black dress Desmond gave Kate to wear?  It seems that David, Jack's son, will be performing.  I wonder if Dogen and his prodigy son will be there too.  So, I'm thinking we can look forward to big happenings at this shindig.

* After Wheelchair Locke and Sideways Jack have their conversation, it seems that Locke is still a man of faith and Jack is still the opposite.

* We know the location of the "heart" of The Island  - more or less - and that Jack volunteered to be the next caretaker.  This was not a surprise, but it was good to witness that confirmation, though Jacob's declaraion "Now you're like me" to Jack was a bit foreboding.

Thoughts to ponder:

 * How did Fake Locke (FLocke) know that not everyone on the submarine died?  Sure he has some supernatural powers, but if he knew that not everyone died on the sub, then why didn't he know Desmond wasn't in the well?

* Where is Island Desmond?  And Claire?  Is it safe to assume (you know what they say about assuming!) that it was Sayid that helped Desmond escape from the well? Has FLocke done away with Claire?

* Is Richard really gone for good? He sure took a huge hit from Ol' Smokey and it seems likely that he's dead and gone. But I wonder why if Smokey could indeed kill him, then why hadn't he done it ages ago?

* Did you believe that Widmore was so easily swayed by Jacob?  I don't remember a meeting between them.  I would have liked to have seen that.

* Is it just me, or does the tentative connection that Dr. Linus and Danielle seem to have in the sideways world kinda creepy?  I don't think it was meant to be creepy, but for me it was.  It just felt icky.

* Island Ben seems to be up to his old tricks and doing what is best for him and the Island.  He seems to have once again joined forces with the evil embodied in FLocke.  Too bad, I was just starting to come to terms with the possibility that Ben might end up a decent guy.  I'd like to have seen his expression when FLocke admitted that his intentions were to destroy the Island.  Bet that burned his little Ben butt!

* Who is Wallace (name 108 on the wheel in the lighhouse)?  We still don't know.  Perhaps since Jack offered to take over Jacob's job, then we'll never know.  On the other hand,  if Jack doesn't succeed in keeping FLocke from leaving/destroying the Island, perhaps MIB/FLocke is Wallace.

Only two hours left of LOST  I'm too excited to be depressed.  But I know that I'll miss the show terribly.  At least there's always hulu.

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Counting it all joy,


  1. I'm not so sure that Frank is dead. He might have washed up on the beach at some point, unbeknownst to the rest of the survivors...

  2. Haven't gotten sucked into the Lost vortex yet. I know. I know. Hanging my head in shame!

  3. Fraizerbaz: I hope you are right. None of the losties seemed to mourn him. I know they were closer to Jin and Sun, obviously, but still. Until we see otherwise, we'll go with your theory! :)

    Mammatalk: Oh! Not yet a fan? Well everything can be found in dvd or! It'll be worth the time investment. Just don't expect a whole lot out of it until season three. You can't skip the first two seasons, but season three it gets really goooooood!

  4. I hope you are right about Frank, but he kinda outlived his usefulness for the Island and we know that when the Island is done with you . . . it gets rid of you. Especially now that we know that Widmore rigged the plane with explosives and a pilot isn't going to be needed. Poor, poor Frank. I loved his dry sense of humor.

  5. I seriously think I'm going to need a support group when this is all over with. I liked Frank. I agree with ya on W/Ben thing. Thought there would have been more of a showdown than that. Sigh


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