Saturday, May 15, 2010

'Cause it's a jungle out there

Yesterday afternoon and evening The Jubilant household worked on the yard.

The relief from the neighbors was palpable.  I so wish I were kidding.  When we are out doing the yard we get the most waves and smiles when the neighbors go by.  Funny, they are all so much friendlier all of the sudden.  And since we are toward the end of the street, nearly every neighbor has to go by our place on their way home or out of the neighborhood.  That's a lot of waves and smiles, dear reader.

With much hesitation and fear for limbs, I gave in to the chickadees' pleas to help.  They each wanted a turn at wielding the hedge trimmers.  For those of you who have lost track: my chickadees are nine, six and five.  You understand my trepidation.  There was a short lesson on power tool safety, including always cut away from your body and be aware of those around you. 

And the most important rule of all:  Mommy will be holding onto the hedge trimmers with you, so don't even think you'll be handling them by yourselves. 

Everyone managed to keep all the body parts The Creator gave them.  No one complained *gasp* and everyone patiently allowed me to help them.  The Affectionate One wasn't as interested as the boys, but she wanted to be able to say she helped too.  She was done after two or three swipes.  The chickadees were amazing.  So amazing that I did ok The Cruise Director to trim a few bushes himself. 

That's when Whirling Dervish put up the hue and cry.  We all backed away at a safe distance and -- he did really well.  Aside from mangling two bushes.  His apology (not that I was looking for one) went something like this:  It's like hair, Mom.  It'll grow back." 

Words to live by, for sure.

So, after mowing, weed whacking, pulling weeds, trimming bushes and much waving at the neighbors, we came up with something like this (emphasis on something):

I love a great looking yard. *wave and smile*  Obviously so do the neighbors.

Counting it all joy,


  1. do you live at the Biltmore? I forgot. That garden is super, great job.

  2. I am ashamed to say that I would probably be one of those smile and wave neighbors. I will often ride my yard tractor down to a neighbors house to give him much needed mowing. He works nights and his little 5 HP mower takes him 2 hours or so to do his 1/2 acre. =) Way to go. Way to BE the Jones's.

  3. Fisher Of Men: Oh, I don't think we'll be changing our name to Jones anytime soon . . . ;)

    Christy: We only wish we lived at the Biltmore. On second thought, can you imagine the taxes on that place?! Ack!


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