Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top Ten {Tuesday} - To Do List

1. Balancing my checkbook.  I loathe this task.  Probably because I am so lousy at it and the numbers rarely add up the way I want them to.  And since I know numbers don't lie then it must be me that is all wonky.

2. Laundry.  I know FlyLady says to do a couple of loads each day in order to keep down the chaos.  But that would require that I, you know, have to do the laundry everyday.  When Thursdays roll around I see the mountain of clothing and get all shaky.  I am sure it's because my blood sugar has dropped and I must go eat a cookie till the feeling passes.  I have no idea why Thursdays seem to be my default laundry day.  Maybe because by then the chickadees are wondering where their clean underclothes are?

3. Doing my nails.  OK, OK to some of you, this may seem like a luxury item but it's not.  Back in January I got the really pretty, but fake fingernail dealios.  Since then my real fingernails have basically shredded themselves right down to the quick anytime they've gotten any length.  Now, the part of the nail that had the fake ones on top is finally coming to the end and my new nails could use a little TLC.

4. Read A Corpse at St. Andrews Chapel by Mel Starr.  It's next on my book review list.  I enjoyed The Unquiet Bones when I read it last spring and just had to sign up to read the second in the series.  It's a medieval mystery and I am loving it!  The cover art is creepy and interesting too.

5. Checking on the chicks.  I can hardly believe how much bigger they are in just a week!  I mean, they are still small, but it seems that they are bigger than last night when I checked on them.   It won't be long now before we are eating fresh egg omelets and looking for neighbors to take the extras off our hands.

6. Catch up on LOST conversations on the interweb.  Last week's episode was really great I thought and I can't wait to see how it can get any better.  Tonight's the night!  BTW, I have friends who have just started watching LOST in the last three weeks.  They'd never seen an episode before that.  And they are loving it.  I tell you, check out each season from the library or watch them at abc.com (both for free).  It may seem like a daunting challenge, but with few to no commercials and a laundry to fold, it will go quickly and you'll be hooked.

7. Make strawberry bread.  I had lofty goals of making two loaves for church last Sunday, but time and energy got away from me by Saturday evening and it didn't happen.  So today I am going to be a baking fool and get it done.  Yum!  Sorry church family, it'll surely be gone by Sunday.

8. Play with Whirling Dervish.  This little guy is so patient while mommy works around the house and tries to write blog posts.  Of course, it helps that mommy's iTouch is charged up and ready for him.  And it also helps that he's tall enough to get some snacks on his own!  Everyday we play a combination of "house," "doggy," and Clone Wars.  Everyday is an adventure for my little man and I get to go along for the ride.

9. Workout.  It's my least favorite thing on this earth to do.  I'd rather be doing laundry (or balancing the checkbook for that matter) if that is any clue as to how much I loathe working out.  I always feel good when I'm done, but it's getting all sweaty and feeling all jiggly when I do it that is so off-putting.  Was that TMI?  Sorry.

10. And last, but not least:  Read Oh Amanda's Top Ten {Tuesday} List.  Her list truly is yummy.  I'm just sayin'.

Counting it all joy (even the laundry parts),


  1. Strawberry bread-wow I've never heard of that one.

    Yep I was thinking of a pedicure now that it's sandal weather.

    good luck on the laundry:)

  2. You are SO fun!! I love the YUM to the E pic.



  3. I don't balance checkbook well that's why we have Quicken and online banking, so I constantly know what the heck is going on and don't have to do any math. strawberry bread, i'm intrigued, what is it, sounds yummy though.

  4. Anonymous4/13/2010

    Now I am googling recipes for strawberry bread. YUM.

  5. I am totally with ya on the nail thing! After having my nails done TWICE in my life, I've vowed to NEVER do it again! What a stinkin pain!!! PAINFUL and super annoying!!! :D


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