Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday - Hiding Vegetables

So, here it is again Wednesday. And I have another WFMW tip.

Mothers are forever trying to get their children to eat their vegetables. Seems like an ongoing battle. I've discovered a couple of places that I've been able to hide vegetables. The chickadees are none the wiser and I have the satisfaction of knowing that, well, that I've tricked them into eating it!

I'm just sayin'

Anyway, we tend to eat a lot of canned vegetables in the winter. So I mash up a can of carrots and slip it into any dish that has a red sauce to it like spaghetti or chili. Looks like they are part of the sauce and it only takes a moment or two for the extra effort.

I also hide either green beans or carrots in our meatloaf. I use our mini food chopper to puree the green beans. Now, granted the green beans are not as easy to hide, but the chickadees are used to seeing the green pepper I tend to put in the meatloaf, so the green beans aren't a big deal.

The Cruise Director thinks he hates spinach. He has no idea that some of the leafy greens in his salad are actually raw spinach leaves. Sneaky.

He does love salsa, however, so I let him put salsa on just about anything he wants. So not only does it go along side his tortilla chips, but it goes on top of his meatloaf, his baked potato and a host of other foods that I'll not mention. Your gag reflex probably doesn't need the workout. You are welcome.

He isn't even thinking about the fact that it's a bunch of vegetables he's putting on his food, he just loves making stuff hot. And then gulping down large quantities of milk to take away the heat of the food. Double bonus.

Works for us here in the Jubilant household! Hope it works for you!

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Counting it all joy, dear reader

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  1. You think of hiding veggies from the kiddos. Why didn't I think of hiding veggies from Ron. He's such a picky eater. Now I know just what to do. And trust me I will. lol I love vegetables and will eat them every way. Not him. Thanks for the idea. and thanks for stopping by junkblossoms. It led me here, and I am so glad. Pat.


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