Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monday (A)Musings - The Amateur Salon Edition Part Deux

I promise, I am not a bad mommy. Even though the following piece of evidence may sway your opinion just a bit. Fight the sway dear reader. Fight the sway!

Whirling Dervish was watching me "do" my hair the other day and informed me I need to buy Bumpits. Never mind I have short hair.

He began extolling the over-arching virtues of the plastic rainbow-shaped objects and I was amused.

He said, "It's buy one get one free for $9.99" and my eyebrows shot up my forehead.

Then he quoted the phone number and website and I marched into the living room and turned off the tv. Heh. Um, Better late than never?

I'm just sayin.

Counting it all joy, dear reader


  1. Wouldn't that thing get tangled in your hair?

  2. and they say kids aren't paying attention!


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