Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LOST Recap 3.23.10

Fair Warning: Spoiler Alert!

I won’t give you a play by play run down of events. Though it is so tempting. I’d like to just give you my impressions of last night’s episode. And I wanna do it before I read Doc Jensen and Oh Amanda’s recaps. Which are always a must read for me. I don’t want their recaps to color my thoughts before I get mine down on paper. Or screen as the case may be.

Finally we get a truly romantic story line. Tragically romantic, but romantic just the same. I was hoping that it would be Richard, Sexy Eyes, that delivers this kind of story. And it was fantastic. FAN-tastic! He always seems to have a tragic air about him and now we know it’s because he lost his wife to illness back in the Canary Islands in 1867.

Sexy Eyes brought me to tears when his wife died (twice! sorta.) and I was fully engaged when he was shocked when accidentally killing the doctor and his disbelief that the slimy priest refused to give him absolution. Can I say that I am glad we don’t really have to have an intermediary between us and God? And we are always forgiven when we ask. I believed how terrified he was when fellow slaves were run through with a sword for surviving the crash. And then when Smokey showed up. Oh.My. OH.MY.

When Richard talked with the Man in Black (what IS his name already?! Ugh!) I began to question for the first time maybe he wasn’t THE bad guy after all (relatively speaking), but after Richard’s confrontation with Jacob, I was firmly back on Jacob’s side and loathing MIB once again. Darn you, LOST - toying with us this way!

I’m just sayin’.

We also got another confirmation that Smokey uses the images of dead loved ones to try and convince people to do his dirty work. Last night’s episode had Smokey changing into Isabella to lay the ground work for the conversation that he and Richard would have later on in the story. Saying that Richard was really dead and in hell. (Which Richard brought up to the beach losties in the present timeline) Can a smoke monster be slimy too? At any rate . . .

I was happy that we saw how Richard arrived at the Island and how the statue was destroyed. Also we saw the back story of his involvement with Jacob and his introduction to the Man in Black.

We were also given a piece of intriguing information that it was a Hanso that was captain of the Black Rock. The same family name of one of the developers of the Dharma Initiative. Another tiny piece of the puzzle. Will this figure into the big picture as meaningful? Probably not. But a neat piece fit into place, just the same.

On Island time, Richard seemed to be a little crazed. When he laughed at the beginning of the episode, it was chilling and foreboding.

I do think that part of Richard’s storyline, the one where he believes that they are really dead and in/on hell was a nod of respect and acknowledgement to those Lost theorists that believe the same thing. Was it intentional from the beginning of the series? We may never know, but I don’t think so. Especially when Jacob explains the job of the Island is to keep evil at bay like a cork keeps the contents of wine in the bottle.

The interesting thing about that imagery is that not only does the Man In Black break the bottle rendering the cork useless, but the Island seems as though it’s submerged under water as seen in this season’s premier also possibly rendering it useless. The Loophole.
I loved that Hurley was able to have a Ghost moment, if you’ll allow, with Richard and his poor, but lovely dead wife. It totally worked for me. Loved it. Then again I loved that part in Ghost, too, so I may be a bit biased.

There just isn’t much that can convince me to not be a big Hurly fan. Or a Big Hurley fan. However you want to read that sentence.

And can I give one critical point? I don’t like that Jacob is being played as if he were weak. Some may call it meekness, especially since he seems to represent a Christ-like figure, but he just comes off as weak and powerless. Ugh. Perhaps it will pay off in the end and make for a more satisfying ending. Let’s hope so.

The best line of the night was when Jacob explains that he wants the people he’s brought to the Island to help themselves (“God helps those who helps themselves” comes to mind, even though that statement is totally unBiblical) and he doesn’t want to have to tell them right from wrong he wants them to choose for themselves. It’s “all meaningless” if he has to force them to do anything and why should he have to step in. And Richard says, “If you don’t he will.” Meaning the Man in Black. Was it just me or did it look like Jacob was taken aback by that statement. Like he’d never thought of that before? And I thought, “Um. Duh.”

Speaking of endings: ACK! Only seven(?) eight(?) episodes left. Suddenly there seems to be some question as to how many episodes are left. The confusion may be explained by the fact that though the premier and the endings shows are two hours long, they are divided up and being called two separate episodes apiece. Whatever. Call it what they will, I call it “almost over” and it makes me want to pout.

Update! Update! Update!

This episode was a confirmation for me that the MIB is indeed evil. Until last night I was still vacillating over the issue (obviously what the writers want, those sly dogs!) I guess it came down to the fact that evil often tries to impersonate good in order to manipulate.

And that is what the MIB always seems to be doing. Manipulating. Making promises he cannot and has no intention of keeping, appearing as one who has been wronged and being all self-righteous about it, and deflecting inquiries as to why he kills so many people.

Once he deems them as someone who is useless, cannot be manipulated or eventually turned to his side, then he kills them.

It just hit me that Jacob allowed himself to be killed. I don't remember him looking surprised when it happened. He saw Ben with the knife, right? He even provoked him by saying "What about you?" I wonder if Jacob thought he'd be more powerful once he was dead? And he can prove his point that man is not inherently corrupt, by dying and having a human take his place in protecting the Island. Hmmmm . . .

Of course, we who believe in the Bible know that we ARE in fact inherently corrupt, but the world doesn't like that idea, so they keep pushing the opposite as labeling it as "inspirational" so as to not get flack for being too religious.

Well, that’s about it. I do believe this is the longest post I’ve ever written. Please forgive me.

Now, I’m off to read Doc Jensen and Oh Amanda

Counting it all joy, dear reader


  1. I thought this was one of their best ones. So agreeing with you.

  2. This was your first LOST post? You do it like a pro.
    "Was it just me or did it look like Jacob was taken aback by that statement. Like he’d never thought of that before? And I thought, “Um. Duh.”" LOL! And don't worry about brevity when it comes to writing about LOST, it rarely happens.

  3. Joanna: yes! One of their best episodes. Dare I say I liked it even better than the Sawyer centric episodes?! Gasp! I KNOW!

    J in PJs: Aw thanks for the nice complement. And yes, LOST is so jam packed that it's nearly impossible to keep it brief especially when giving your reactions along the way!

  4. See -- now you make me want to watch. Have you considered TV reviews as a career choice??!!

  5. Cathy: Hmmhmmm . . . another convert to LOST? Yes! (And thank you for the terribly nice comment - I think you are my new BFF!)


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