Monday, January 4, 2010

Joy to da Word

The Affectionate One loves to sing. I cannot tell you how many times she's asked to sing on stage at church. And she is still singing her songs from her Christmas program where she got to stand in the front and soak up as much of the limelight as she possibly could in the four and a half minutes it took to sing Up on the Rooftop, I Saw Three Ships and Joy to the World. Her particular favorite is Joy to the World. Which delights me to no end because that was one of my favorite songs to sing when I was a kid.

The Calm One and I have had many a laugh over her lyrical version of the song (her dance moves aren't too bad either, though she made those up after the program - thank goodness). I thought I'd share her version with you. Granted, a video would be even more appropriate, but The Affectionate One is going through a stubborn stage where pictures and video are NOT allowed. Ah well.

The Affectionate One's Joy to the World:

Joy to da word da Ward has come
Let earf receive her King-AH!

Let eh-vwy hear-ar-art prepare him womb- oom-ooom
And Heaven and nachure sing-ah
And Heaven and nachure sing-ah
And Hea-even and Hea-even and nachure sing-AAAAAAHHHH!

As attached as I was to the original version when I was a kid, I like this one so much better.


  1. I agree. This remake is so much better! Darling!

  2. Anonymous1/04/2010

    My grandkids are such a delight to me, this is another one I can think of when remembering all the precious yet funny things they do and say, or sing!

  3. hey she sounds like her great uncle singing weeweechu!


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