Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monday (A)Musings - The Amateur Salon Edition

Today we were cleaning the living room. Nobody fall over from shock, m'kay? I was fearlessly reaching between the recliner and our couch (I know!) and found something unusual: hair.

A big clump of reddish blonde hair. Hair that looked suspiciously like mine. I was immediately taken aback, holding the hank of hair in my hand and just staring at it confused. I questioned the chickadees and they denied knowing anything about it, all looking as shocked as I felt. I was pretty sure my hair wasn't falling out so my next thought was that the chickadees had cut my hair without my knowledge.

I did doze off during family movie time last night . . .

I'm just sayin'.

I raced to the mirror checking my hair frantically and sure enough - a perfect color match. I have a cut that is not symmetrical and it took a bit of detective work to come to the conclusion that I couldn't tell where the mystery locks came from.

I woke The Calm One to share my (non)findings with him and he was just as baffled as I was. That tends to happen while he's in a sleep deprived state.

So, I decided to question the chickadees further. I pulled The Affectionate One aside.

"Honey, did you cut Mommy's hair when I was asleep?" I am still having trouble getting out of the habit of referring to myself in the third person.

"No mama. I didn't even cut my hair."

Oh, now we get to it.

"Did you cut YOUR hair?"

Much shaking of the blonde head. "Nope."

"Are you sure? I need to know. This is the time to tell me the truth."

"Um. Maybe. I mean, um, kinda, just a little. Maybe."

I run my fingers through her hair trying to find the place where she cut such a large section of hair. There was not an obvious place. "Show me where you cut your hair from."

"From here. And heeere. And heeeeeere. And riiiiiiight here." She pointed to various places on her head. No wonder it wasn't obvious. "I did it when you were sleeping in and Daddy was on the computer."

That explains a lot.

But it was her smile and her next words that had me worried about her teen age years:

"I'm sneaky, huh?"

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  1. Anonymous12/20/2009

    Oh, my.
    Oh, my.
    Oh. Oh. Oh. My.
    Did she inherit that trait from her dear mother? I wonder. Just askin'
    Love, Mimi


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