Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trying to be Mary is a tough row to hoe

The post-vacation blues haven't arrived yet. Although, I could see it hovering around the edges waiting to pounce when my brother texted a picture of my mom on the beach. His footnote to the picture was that it was nearly 80*. At the time of his text I was bundled up using the leaf blower on the remainder of the leaves littering our yard. Ugh.

Love the season changes. If only we could skip winter.

I did learn a lesson though while blowing the leaves. Or just before employing the leaf blower to be exact.

I had the rake in my hand and was wondering where Whirling Dervish had gotten to. His reports of being tired of jumping in the leaves was interrupted by the proverbial call of nature. And I just realized his prolonged absence probably had more to do with our new kittens (yes, I said kittenS) than his personal call of the wild.

At any rate, I'd been raking for nearly two hours when my husband awoke from his nap and asked, rather hesitatingly, "You do know we have a leaf blower, right?"

And he may have even ducked when I let out a primal growl of frustration mixed with a healthy dose of regret. The frustration, I am sure you understand. It's the regret part I may have to explain.

One of the biggest challenges in our marriage has been getting on the same footing as far as timing goes. Or the urgency with which chores/errands/whatnot are accomplished. I usually want things done right now and he, well, not so much.

We'd been back form vacation for two days and I thought it was high time someone took care of the leaves that should have been done before we left for vacation. I decided that I couldn't wait any longer for The Calm One to take care of it, so I tackled the job. The only thing is that while I was self-absorbed in my inner dialogue of woe-is-me (It a man's job after all, right?!) It didn't even occur to me that The Calm One might have a leaf blower.

A better way.

I got to thinking that if I'd just sought out the Calm One or waited on him, then perhaps I would've been done with the job by dusk instead of getting only half finished. Or maybe he would have done it himself.

I find that I often have the same hurry up attitude in my relationship with the Lord. I am "a Martha," doing and grumbling instead of sitting at His feet, listening and waiting on the Lord like Mary. Sure, the job gets done, but what have I missed from the Lord in the meantime?


  1. Anonymous11/05/2009

    OH so very well put. Like you, I tend to jump right in there because I'm all about the "instant gratification" and once I get a thought in my head sometimes, it is difficult to contain myself long enough to allow logic or reason to catch up. Sometimes this is a good thing....while other times, as you pointed out above; not so much. I think though that that particular characteristic is what is called for in a Military wife. Sometimes, the "Calm One" isn't always around so it is left to you to handle it.

    Page looks great!!! ;-)

  2. Jubilee, We are all guilty of being Martha's at times... sometimes it's easier to do that then to be patient and sit at Jesus'feet like Mary.. or at least to me it is.. Deb <><


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