Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good morning, dear reader! After a short hiatus, I am back on the blogging scene. The Jubilant family vacationed in Tenn. What a great time of family and fellowship.

My grandmother (aka GGB) turned 85 this week and almost every member of her family was there to help her celebrate. All 35 of us managed to keep the surprise reunion/birthday party a secret. Not an easy task for my talkative chickadees. Poor grandma, the chickadees had to be incommunicado for a couple of weeks so as to assure that one of them didn't spill the beans. They did a great job. And she was incredibly surprised.

A surprised GGB

An elated GGB

She told many of us that it was the best birthday she ever had. Including passers by that we met during our hike in the mountains.

GGB, you are an incredible lady. You've shown your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren how to serve others and love the Lord your God with a happy servant's heart. What a great example you have been to us. I am so glad that the Lord has given you to us for so many years. May He grant us many more together. We love you.

Happy Birthday!


  1. How Sweet...Happy Birthday GGB.

    Welcome Back :)

  2. Anonymous11/05/2009

    Awe....what an awesome way to celebrate GGB's birthday. It is sure to stay with her for a long time. My mom is your grandmother's age (NO, I'm not that old; but I was adopted and my parents were older than the norm when they got us)and speaking from experiences of dealing with the more Seasoned of them...it truly touches their hearts in a way that it wouldn't have in their earlier years! What an awesome thing you guys did for her!


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