Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Best Male Voices in the Biz

The other day, our family was watching the animated movie Battle for Terra. A so-so movie that has a very unsubtle message: humans are cruel and nasty and if we just ask for what we want instead of fighting a war, then we'd all get along. Um, yeah. Political leanings aside, all during the movie I kept asking myself, who's voice is that? It turned out to be Danny Glover's voice. I knew I knew that voice, but I just couldn't place it.

It made me think about the male celebrity voices that are unmistakable. One's that we'd know anywhere. And here for your reading pleasure, are the men I came up with. Please feel free to add your memorable leading male voices in the comments.

The voice that is sure to top any breathing female's list is Sean Connery. It's the accent, ladies, make no mistake. The accent and the gravely quality that accompanies it. Be still my beating heart. He could make The Heart of Darkness sound sexy and exciting. Believe me, the book is in no way either of those things. But he could make it so.

And speaking of "making it so" . . . another accented male voice that can make your toes curl joyfully is Patrick Stewart. Aka Jean-Luc Picard. Oh, my word . . . I'd stow away on the Enterprise just to hear that voice everyday.

Hugh Jackman. C'mon ladies, admit it. You'd watch anything with this guy in it. I sat through the gut-wrenching movie, Australia, just to listen to his accent. And it doesn't hurt that he's way easy on the eyes. And muscular. And he can sing and dance like nobody's business. And did I mention: he's easy on the eyes? Well, he is.

And who can forget Wallace Shawn? You may not know his name (I had to look it up), but when you hear his voice, you'll say, "Oh, yeah! THAT guy!" He was Vizini in The Princess Bride and lent his slightly lisped voice to Rex the green dinosaur in each of the three Toy Story movies. Click on the link and then you'll remember who I'm talkin' about.

James Earl Jones. He's at the end of my list, but he has probably the most recognized voice in all of tvdom. Or moviedom. Are those even words? At any rate, the voice of Darth Vader is unmistakable. And I used to watch CNN for the sole reason to hear his "This is CNN" voice over. Well, that and the occasional Larry King interview. As far as I know, J.E.J. he's never won an Oscar, but if they had a "Best Voice in the Business" category, then he'd win hands down.

Whose voice would you add to the list?

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  1. Anonymous10/15/2009

    I could add a distinctive voice but you probably never heard of him, Roger Whitacre. He's a singer. I've liked his singing for years but I must be the only one. Haven't heard him in years. R


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