Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sweatshirts, Ball Games and Dead Flies

I am going to lay it all out on the line: Autumn is here. I do love fall. Comfy sweatshirts, crunchy leaves, candy corn. But in amongst the good is always the not-so-good. Read on, dear reader, read on . . .

Cooler weather = autumn. Where did summer go, anyway? We still have nearly a week left of official summer and yet it left us about three weeks ago. Not that I mind the milder temperatures. I do wonder when the global warming is supposed to hit Rural County Ohio though. I think there are some Michiganders who are wondering the same thing. Michiganders? Michiganites? (OoooOOOoo. Sounds too much like a cult of wolverine worshipers. No offense.)

JO-ANNA! Help me here . . .

At any rate . . . Football games are being played = autumn. We attended our first high school football game with all three chickadees in tow. We thought we'd better do a trial run. We left shortly after half-time. Speaks volumes of a five and six year old's attention span. I feel bad for The Cruise Director, he was really into it and didn't want to leave. Next time: two cars may be needed to ferry the Jubilant household.

Which leads me to another sign of fall: Cheer leading and soccer games = autumn. The Cruise Director has his first soccer game on Sat. I had to wear a sweatshirt to practice last night. What's up with that?!

The Affectionate One is going to her first cheer camp and will be cheering in next week's varsity football game. She is understandably excited and keeps asking, "Is today the 25th, Mama?" I am happy to only shell out a few dollars for a t-shirt instead of the whole cheer get-up, but should would look so adorable in one of those flippy skirts and bobby socks.

And like any good preacher, I'll keep my list to three points. (Can I get an Amen?!)

Dead flies everywhere = autumn. Our house is where flies go to die. At least for the last three days. Make no mistake, it is true. Much to my chagrin. The older windows in our house seem to collect flies. I feel as though I am constantly pulling out the vacuum to eradicate the evidence. I am not sure what attracts the flies to infiltrate our steely screens, but they do get in and they can't get back out. Sounds like a really bad commercial doesn't it? And then they lay around to gross me out (I am a child of the 80s). Ick!

We had friends over last night (shout out to our church family! woot!) and I kept praying that no one would find any proof of this phenomenon. All day I scoured the house and vacuumed like a crazy woman. I am thinking that finding a fly in your ice cream brownie would be rather off-putting to most rational guests. I am just glad that I found the three, count 'em three, dead flies on The Affectionate One's floor before she did. Right under her window. Where she puts her feet down when she gets out of bed.

Let's say it together, shall we? EEEeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeW! *insert gagging sounds here*

So, that's it folks. Autumn is here. To stay. Well, not to stay, but you catch my -

Hey! Whirling Dervish! Shovel that last brownie in your mouth and pull on your sweatshirt! We have more leaves to crunch!

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  1. No dead flies in the house yet, except for the ones the dog catches. Then I guess, they're not in the house anymore huh?

    I'm a fan of cheerleading and yes be thankful it's just a t-shirt. My daughter is in her 3rd year of cheering this year. 2 uniforms, camps, shoes, a bizzion poms, and who else knows what found me working a lot of fund raising this summer, but it's all worth it. We held a cheer clinic this week for elementary kids, they'll perform tonight during half time. Can't wait, they're so cute.


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