Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pink Camo and Not-So-Old Lace

Dear reader, I have no excuse for that title except I was trying to be clever with the title of a Cary Grant movie. Forgive me.

This is The Affectionate One's newest accessory. Her daddy has been looking for a camo hat for her for the longest time. Ever since she was born, he has searched for cute camo gear for his little country girl. She even came home from the hospital with a camo onesie trimmed in lace (I agreed in a moment of weakness. Her birth left me wiped out, ya'll). You can take the boy out of the country . . .

Now his searching for the perfect hat has come to an end. I think he made a great choice. You know, for camouflage. She wore it non-stop the first day (and night), but once she realized she couldn't wear it in the school building she abandoned it. I couldn't even get her to pose with it for a picture.

Perhaps the hat was more for daddy than daughter anyway.


  1. Anonymous9/10/2009

    Wonder if she'll wear it when she comes to visit. She will want it for our walks in the woods, I hope. R

  2. We have a similar hat! You are right. It was more for Daddy!

  3. Do you know what I love most about your page? When it loads the very first thing I see is "His word will not return void." LOVE IT.

    Maybe she'll wear it on the weekends?? :)


  4. R - Yes, she has talked about wearing it "to the country." She loves your walks. And you. But you already knew that, I am sure.

    JennyMac - I thought it was adorable too. She knows she's cute, and she likes to advertise it. Hopefully that will tone down before she becomes a teenager.

    Mamatalk - Just as I suspected!

    C - So glad that the verse of the day is blessing you. It is a blessing to me too. Hopefully, visitors will realize that since it's at the top of my page, it's close to my heart.


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