Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I didn't mean to do it. Honest. I had no intention of passing on my phobia to my children. In fact I tried hard to hide my distaste so that it would not affect them. It seems all my valiant (*a-hem*) efforts were in vain.

Today, The Cruise Director had a special request when I was making his peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

"MoooOOOOoooooM! Please, please, PLEASE! I can't stand the heels of the loaf of bread. They kinda scare me. All flimsy and stuff. Please, don't ever make my sandwiches out of the heels again. They are so gross! It's like eating cardboard or straw or something. Please, give my sister the heels."

And he went on and on that way for a good three or twelve more minutes. With moans and arms swinging wildly about his head. He ended his appeal with his face in his eight year old hands. He was in emotional agony. His entreaty left him drained. I know just how he feels. I couldn't fault him for his emphatic request.

The Affectionate One can hand over her crown. There is a new Drama King in town.

And I have no idea in this whole great wide world where he could have possibly have gotten THAT from.


  1. Anonymous9/09/2009

    It could be genetic, but I'm sure he's heard his Momma's comments on bread heels. Guess you should enjoy this period of his life(emulating his parents), the rebellious years are just down the road. Reminds me of the times Mom would bake bread and we would fight over the heels, your MIL and I still go for the heels on the little fresh baked loaves of bread in restaurants.
    Is your blog picture bathing suit the one you're shooting for? R

  2. He's mouthy enough to make me wonder if he isn't a teen after all. Does the tween stage start at eight years old, by any chance?!

    Fresh bread heels I can do as long as they are nice and thick and slathered with lots of butter. Or jelly. Neither of which I am consuming these days. Now that I think of it, I don't eat much bread these days either.

    No, I was done wearing two piece suits after I turned 15. Yahoo didn't have a one piece suit in red, so I took what I could get! Can't wear a two piece comfortably IRL, so why not on the ol' blog? Right?!

  3. When push comes to shove and I've had to give heels for lunches I put the peanut butter on the outside of the heels and when I face them together it Looks like real bread. Only I'm the wiser. :) Real bread, ha, like it's not. Only, I totally get it... it's not.



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