Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How Cheer Camp and Heaven are Alike

Today is The Affectionate One's first day of cheer camp. She is excited to cheer at the Varsity football game on Friday night, but last night she had all kinds of questions. Of course, she waited until bedtime to ask them. It may (a-hem) have been a stalling tactic, but I was happy to indulge her for a few moments.

Where do I go? How will I get there? Will the bus wait for me? Will daddy pick me up? What if I get hungry? Will they give us snacks?

She is all about the snacks, dear reader. It's the first thing she asks for when she walks in the door after a long day of school and bus rides. Okay, it's the second thing. She usually asks for daddy first, if she doesn't see him right away.

When Friday night rolls around, all her questions will be answered or forgotten. Nothing will matter except that she is there and doing what she loves.

Reminds me of all the questions I used to ask about Heaven. And now, my kids are asking the same kinds of questions.

Is there food in Heaven? What do we do in Heaven? Will there be Gameboys? Will I get bored? Will I see Granny White? Is Bear gonna be there? Will we fly up there in an airplane?

Some questions are easier to answer than others, of course.

And I try to explain to them: When Heaven rolls around all our questions will either be answered or forgotten. Nothing will matter except that we are there and loving the One who first loved us.

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