Monday, August 10, 2009

A "big girl" at six

We've hit a milestone of sorts, here in the Jubilant household. Our two youngest chickadees, Whirling Dervish and The Affectionate One, have been sharing a room. Both were reluctant to have a room of their own. And we thought that it would benefit The Cruise Director to have his own room since he was the only one in school and needed to be sure to get his sleep.

Tonight all three kids decided on their own that Whirling Dervish would now share the room with his older brother and The Affectionate One would have a room to herself. I sure wish I'd been around for that conversation. It was most assuredly an amusing one. I do know that The Affectionate One was relieved when The Calm One and I agreed because she responded by saying, "Now, I won't have to hear all the noise of my brudders!"

Unfortunately, with the two boys in the same room, the noise is sure to escalate immeasurably.

This is in great contrast to what I was thinking the other night during my evening walk. I'd been thinking about the short time I was able to nurse The Affectionate One. And began to miss that time of bonding, sheer exhaustion and bliss. Though, I always felt as though she kinda got gypped since I could only nurse her for four months. I'd gotten pregnant with Whirling Dervish and because it was such a high risk pregnancy and had a history of miscarriages, the docs recommended that I stop nursing. I reluctantly acquiesced.

Seems like just yesterday that I was trying to get her to take a bottle. She was not easy to convince. Especially since she'd had a double ear infection.

And here she is "a big goil" who is ready to start kindergarten and ecstatic that she gets her own room. Putting together her own outfits - some of which I even let her wear out of the house. Wearing her princess crown and "high heels" to the Wal-Marts. And using enough lip-gloss to slick down a 200 lb pig.

Sigh . . . won't be long before I'll be wishing for these days again.

Goil is right. *sniff*


  1. Anonymous8/11/2009

    SNIFF, SNIFF. Growing up waaaaaayyyyyy too fast. I still think we should chain her in the basement till she's 25,haha. R

  2. your blog and your tweets always make me laugh~~ Thanks Sorry I have not been on lately! God bless

  3. You sure will be wishing for these days! But, you are enjoying them while you have them which is great.


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