Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our first concert and more.

Last night The Calm One and I went to our first concert together. Almost twelve years of marriage and this is the first one.

We're a wild couple, The Calm One and I.

And we picked a good concert for our first. We went to the local county fairgrounds and saw Julianne Hough and Jason Michael Carrol. Julianne certainly put on a good show. She had polish and pizzaz. She looked amazing and danced with endless amounts of energy.

However, we both actually liked Jason Michael Carrol better. I think it's because we'd been listening to his music for the last couple of weeks. So we knew his music better. We recognized his songs, his voice. I am sure that if we'd been listening to Julianne's CD for the last two weeks, we'd have enjoyed her songs just as much as Jason's.

Both artists encouraged audience participation and reached out to touch the hands of fans that were eager to be near them. Jason even took a note handed to him by a fan right in the middle of a song. Those particular fans have even more to talk about in the coming days than those of us who were mere spectators.

It's the same with the Lord, isn't it? We need to eagerly reach out for our Creator. The more time we spend in The Word, the more we recognize His voice. The more we spend time with Him, the more we enjoy it. And unlike a song or two that you get tired of hearing after awhile, The Word is new and refreshing each and every time you open it.

And that makes me very, very joyful.

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