Thursday, July 9, 2009

On The Run - Or Maybe Not

I was weeding the front walkway (yes, A-GAIN), when the following conversation took place between me and my two youngest chickadees.

Whirling Dervish: Mommy. We are bored of you weeding da weeds.

The Affectionate One: Yeah. Bored to deaf.

Me: Is that right? Hmmm . . you could read books, ride your bikes, play with your toys, get out the bubbles and the sidewalk chalk . . .

WD: But we are bored of dose. I fink we need to run away.

TAO: Yeah, run away to Nanny and Papaw's house.

WD: Yeah! Nanny and Papaw wont make us play with our stinky ol' toys all da time!

TAO: Yeah. Stinky toys.

WD: Mom, will you miss us?

Me: Well, now let me think. Nope.

WD: You won't miss us?! Will you cry when we run away?

Me: Nah, I'll be happy.

WD: You are supposed to cry and be sad and miss us!

Me: Nope. I'll be happy that I won't have to make lunch.

TAO: Lunch? You mean you won't make lunch if we run away?

Me: Nah.

WD: Maybe we will wait 'til after lunch to run away.

TAO: Then what about dinner?

WD: Oh, well . . . maybe tomorrow then.


  1. Anonymous7/09/2009

    But I can make lunch and dinner. Tell TAO I restocked on M&M's. Having a great time with the cruise director. Love ya, R

  2. That's cute! Looks like Mommy out smarted them again. Muwahaha!

  3. R - anytime you want 'em, they are yours

    Joanna - Sometimes you gotta be quick on your feet and sometimes it just flows! Muwahaha is right.


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