Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life Is Like A . . .

I just realized that life really is like a bowl of cherries. Call me slow, but I'd never really thought about that saying until now.

I love cherries. I wait all summer until they go on sale for $1.99 a pound (or less) and I snatch as many as I think I can eat before they'll go bad. I am the only one in the Jubilant household that eats them. Once in a while The Calm One will eat a handful, but it's a rare occasion.

The chickadees think it's too much work trying not to swallow the seed. And I am thankful for that. It'd be just as much work for me watching them closely to make sure the seeds didn't get into their windpipes. They were intrigued with the idea of spitting seeds out of their mouths though. The Affectionate One even clapped her hands a couple of times when I successfully deposited seeds into a bowl.

But I think it's worth the little bit of work to get to the yummy part. I chew slowly to really savor the fruit, pushing aside the thought that another pit awaits. I try to focus on the sweetness instead.

Life is like that though, isn't it? It's easy to focus on the pits (and pitfalls) and forget the goodness surrounding it.

Though God allows annoying, hurtful, even tragic circumstances, there is a lot of goodness in our lives too. We just have to be willing to muck through the not so pleasant parts. Keeping our focus on the Creator helps the process.

Perhaps Heaven will have seedless cherries for us to enjoy. I'd like to think so. In the mean time let's enjoy the fruit God has set before us and try to put aside the seeds of discontent and discord. Or whatever may be plaguing you today.

Mmmmm . . . sweet!


  1. Well said! I never thought about it that way before, but you're spot on. :) That'll make me smile all day.


  2. Like you, I never really thought that saying through either! Great post.

  3. Excellent point! And may I say, I've taken a bit of a break from reading blogs this week or so. You have been QUITE prolific! I'm catching up slowly!


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