Friday, July 17, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane . . . It's a little mexican dog?

We have a relatively new bedtime routine here at the Jubilant household. Just before prayers and after a multitude of questions and demands for drinks of water we tuck the kids in.

Like a burrtio.

Minus all the rolling action. Because that would involve more energy than either mommy or daddy has at that time of the evening.

The kids love to be tucked in all snug and tight. "Make me a burrito! Make me a burrito!" Clamoring for the blanket to be tucked under every inch of their bodies. Don't forget my feet Mama! My feet! Get my feet!

One night The Calm One decided to mix things up a bit and instead of tucking them in "like a burrito" he called it an enchilada. The kids went wild with laughter.

It was the next night though that mommy and daddy got the laughs. The Affectionate One mixed up her Spanish and shouted out a unique request,

"Daddy make me a chihuahua! Make me a chihuahua!"


  1. I was here earlier and realized I saw something else on your blog - went there and never commented here - so her I am. (Did you get all that???)

    Love your story. You are going to be so happy you have these memories recorded when the kids get older.

  2. How cute this whole story is. I love the idea of the burrito and then the request of the chihuahua.

  3. You are right Sheryl, I am glad that I have posted about these stories. I have already forgotten about some of them, only to be reminded when I go back over my archives.

  4. Thanks, Debbie! I miss reading your blog!


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