Thursday, June 25, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

I am a big fan of the Snickers Bar. I could end the post there, what with all the joy that drips from that statement - oops maybe that's drool. I am also a large fan of the Snickers bar, but hopefully being a Shredhead will help with that.

I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

The Cruise Director accompanied The Calm One to the Wal-Marts today and returned home one bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper and a slew of mini Snickers richer. To say that Whirling Dervish and The Affectionate One were jealous would be an understatement. Never mind that whenever they go to the Wal-Marts with daddy they return with their own treats.

The Cruise Director happily offered a mini candy bar to me, but refused to share with his brother and sister. Typical.

Whirling Dervish couldn't have cared less. The Affectionate One on the other hand was devastated. There are times that we expect our children to share with their siblings and there are times when we let them decide. I am strong believer in letting kids have items, just a few, that are strictly theirs. At any rate . . .

After talking with The Affectionate One and commiserating with her about her brother not sharing when she "always does!" (a-hem) I remembered that I was in possession of a mini Snickers and gave it to her.

And now for the point of this post:

I was reminded of myself when she quickly unwrapped the candy and took a big bite. She sighed a big sigh and let herself fall back against the chair in bliss. Her eyes may have even rolled back into her head in sheer enjoyment.

Or maybe that was my eyes rolling.

"Mama! I just love this kind of candy. I love it! I could eat it everyday and every night. And Mama? I just love it."

You should see her with M&Ms.

As a bonus to this post I'm giving you a link to Snickers Fudge. I haven't made it yet, but it sounds too tasty to not try soon.


  1. OK, now thanks to you, I've gotta get up and go to the 'frig. Yum!

  2. Anonymous6/26/2009

    So now I need Snickers,white Hershey's and M&M's to join the regular Hershey's in the fridge. Sounds like a weighty problem for me!
    Love ya, R

  3. I am going to make Snickers Fudge immediately. Thanks for starting my weekend off in such a sweet and yummy way!

  4. Mamatalk - I think I may be taking a trip to the 'frig soon myself!

    R - You know us, really any kind of chocolate will do even though we have our favs. Love you too.

    Cathy - You are so welcome. Let me know how it turns out.


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