Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Relapse In Judgement - My Bad

I said I'd never do it. I was determined not to. It could only lead to trouble. I admit that I did it in a moment of weakness. It's no excuse, I know.

I wanted to be liked. Even if it was conditional.

Evidently, I am obsessed with gaining followers. But, my one little relapse in judgement has cost me.

I fed the dog scraps of people food.

Once was all it took. Now every time I enter the kitchen I have a shedding, four legged creature at my heels. And if I go anywhere near his food dish, he is frantic to get there, running over kids and toppling furniture. He's become a 34 lb drooling machine.

He knows he's not allowed in the kitchen, but he tries anyway. He even slinks out mournfully looking over his shoulder at me as soon as he knows I've seen him. He doesn't move before that. He waits until I've made eye contact and thrown my arm with a rigid pointer finger toward the dining room. The stink eye, of course, firmly in place. To his credit he no longer needs my "OUT!" to help him get the point.

Just the arm and the stink eye. Slink.

I wish my children were so moved by the stink eye.


  1. And yet another wonderful example of why I do not own a dog. And never have:)

  2. Anonymous3/09/2009

    It's something you have a hard time breaking. The only thing is when I was growing up that's all that dogs got. Very few I knew bought dog food and of course very few kept them in the house. But then that was before Mister Disney made people think that animals could think and commercials made people think they could make them vegetarians. Put a steak and a bowl of dog food in front of the dog and see which one he picks.Good Luck!

  3. Dogs are like little boys - smell funny and do gross things and always want some food.

  4. This is why if you're gonna have a dog, at least get an ugly mutt so they can't woo you by standing there looking cute. But then, the ugly ones have a certain pathetic appeal to them, don't they? I love me some poochies, so I can't say a darn word. I'm the bad "aunt" to all my friend's dogs...sneaking people food here and there when no one is looking...maybe I need the stink eye...


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