Thursday, February 12, 2009

To Clothe or not to Clothe. That is the Question.

Mornings here at the Jubilant household are kinda laid back. After The Cruise Director is safely ensconced in the public mode of transportation and on his way to get an education that is. Up until then it is a frenzied array of activities.

But, once he is gone, the other two chickadees and I chill for awhile. A little blog hopping while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a little catching up on email during Imagination Movers, you get the idea. Some days The Cruise Director comes home from school and his siblings are still in their pajamas. He's never admitted to jealousy over this issue, but as his mother, I know he wishes HE could stay in his jammies all day too.

I can relate to the feeling.

Usually, though we adhere, at the very least, to getting dressed and having teeth brushed by 10 am. Just in time for a morning snack - which they started begging for a half hour after they ate breakfast.

Anyway . . . rarely do I get stressed over getting them dressed. But this morning I heard myself say the following words:

"Don't just stand there looking cute! Get some clothes on that n*ked tooshie of yours!"

My mother would be so proud.


  1. Lol. Isn't amazing as we grow wiser (I won't say old) we begin to see more of our own mother in our ways. For some that might be a little scary.

    My husband was in the military for 11 years. He got out after serving in Iraq because of an injury. Prayers to you and your family and many thanks. Thanks for popping by to visit.

  2. Adorable! My middle son is still in a phase (please God let it be a phase!!) of refusing to change out of his pajamas. It's jammies all day every day. I can get him dressed to Leave, but the second we're home he changes right back. I'm in a pick your battles kind of mode... I tend to think my mother would be so proud as well. :o)

    Blessings, Carolynn


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