Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pickle Philanthropist Turned Entrepreneur

Pickles with eyes.
The Calm One and I laughed from the front seat. Sometimes listening in on the children's conversations going on in the backseat are highly entertaining.

As a little background, our daughter, Cherie (five), hates pickles and has always been glad to hand them over to her older brother, Michael. We had just picked up food from a fast food joint on our way home from an overnight trip to visit out of town friends. Once again, we'd forgotten to order Cherie's cheeseburger "plain." Here was their resulting conversation:

Michael: Hey, does your burger have pickles?

Cherie picks at her food silently.

Michael: Cherie, I bet you have pickles on that thing. Can I have them?

Cherie looks at him in mild incredulity.

Michael: Can I?!

Cherie: You expect me to give you my pickles and you aren't giving me anything? I don't think so!


  1. OH my.... she would rather not eat them than to not get anything for them. How funny.. kids are so humorous and truthful. Thanks for sharing, its always a delight to read your blog...except for the mouse postings. :D

  2. Har! Very shrewd...

    :^) Anna

  3. Well, she does have a point. We just can't be handing things over without compensation:)

  4. Oh you taught her well.


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