Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peep O' The Week

Dear Reader, one of my bloggy wishes has been realized this week. Texas Holly over at June Cleaver Nirvana has mentioned notes of jubilee in her weekly potluck post. Not only that, but I am her Peep of the Week. Whoa! Cool.

Thanks Holly.

The only down side is that I realized I've been remiss on announcing my own Peep O' The Week these last coupla weeks. And I have had some great commenters that deserve to be recognized.

So, without further ado Willow Tree, you are my Peep O' the Week. (I believe her blog is private, so I cannot link to her. Just know that she writes heartfelt, moving posts that remind me that I am blessed to be a child of God.)

In response to my To Clothe or not to Clothe. That is the Question post she commented:

Adorable! My middle son is still in a phase (please God let it be a phase!!) of refusing to change out of his pajamas. It's jammies all day every day. I can get him dressed to Leave, but the second we're home he changes right back. I'm in a pick your battles kind of mode... I tend to think my mother would be so proud as well. :o)

Mothers of all-day-jammie-wearing kids, UNITE! Willow Tree, post your Peep badge with pride! And, if you'd like, pay it forward by choosing your own Peep O' the Week!

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  1. I just love our friend Willow Tree. I thought she just opened her blog back up though. I hope so because more people need to be able to read her.


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